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  1. AceRN6243

    Question regarding compact license

    I will, hopefully, be done with my probation soon. I was wondering if anyone had applied for the compact license after done with probation? Is it possible to obtain the license? I would like to move from my state within a year but nervous about not being able to obtain license anywhere else!
  2. AceRN6243

    The end of the road help!!

    I will be getting released very soon from my program! I’m a little confused on writing something to the board to asked to be released..which also has to be notarized. Do I just type up a letter to them? There aren’t very clear instructions on this! Can anyone give me an example on what they did when asking to be released? I’m in Georgia! TIA
  3. AceRN6243

    Affinity monitoring vacation

    Thank you!!
  4. AceRN6243

    Affinity monitoring vacation

    I am currently in affinity monitoring in Georgia and have asked my case manager this question but still not having much clarity. Do you have to notify 2 weeks in advanced when you leave your city or is that leaving your state? I want to go visit a friend 1.5 hr away in my same state does that still have to be told 2 weeks in advanced? Anyone have any information on this? I would still of course test wherever I am but I can't get in touch with my manager this weekend and I'm wanting to go this week.