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    How can I, choose the right preceptorship placement

    Thank you so much. When I say make me or break me, I mean in terms of my nursing skills. I think ou are right. I will probably go for a generic inpatient medicine floor to increase my skill and knowledge base.
  2. Hi there, I am currently an RPN/LPN and am in my 3rd year BScN program. I am lost on picking my preceptorship placement. This is the placement that will make you or break you. I've always wanted to be an L & D nurse or an NICU nurse. I have started early and have been taking courses (that are very expensive) like neonatal resuscitation and fetal heart monitoring to help me get my placement. I am currently on a medicine floor and have realized that I didn't know as much as I thought I knew as an RPN. My dilemma is this... Do I go into a basic medicine placement to get the skills I need and than attempt to get into the speciality I want or do I do for L & D or NICU. My fear is that if I get NICU, no one will hire me later because I only have neonate experience. Please help.