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  1. Geejr

    Lpn best study book

    Congrats on finishing nursing school. My school offered a nclex review class. If your school offers one I suggest you take it. I took my test today. My school said I passed. I don't know how they can find out. Anyway I read Kaplan from front to back. I felt for yest taking skills that's the best one. All the actual stuff that I studied Didn't help as much as I thought. At this point you know what you know. Practice 2-300 questions a day and read the rationales. Good luck
  2. Geejr

    Lpn best study book

    I am currently using Saunders online and I absolutely love it. I think it might be too late for me to purchase the UWORLD :/. I take my exam In 2 days. My school had a ATI review of 3 days. They didn't use ati in my program but I absolutely love it. Most of the people that I've spoken to say ATI questions are very similar to NCLEX pn. Fingers crossed.
  3. Geejr

    Lpn best study book

    I can't seem to find the UWORLD book online. I type that in and the Kaplan comes up. Is there a specify. Site you purchased it from?