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  1. fcove

    OHSU 2018 Waitlist // Alternate List

    Congrats!!!! Did they just give you a call??
  2. fcove

    OHSU 2018 Waitlist // Alternate List

    Thank you! That is great news to hear because I am definitely leaning towards OHSU! If I hear from OHSU before May 1st, I won't have to pay the non-refundable fee to Linfield to secure a spot "just in case". I called OHSU and they do not give out numbers as far as placement on the alternate list unfortunately...Good luck to you!!!
  3. fcove

    OHSU 2018 Waitlist // Alternate List

    Hello! I applied to the ABSN Portland Campus. I was waitlisted as "highly likely"! I also got accepted to Linfield's ABSN program, but they need to know by May 1st if I want to attend there to hold my spot. Fingers are crossed that I hear from OHSU before then!!!
  4. fcove

    ABSN Concordia Portland

    Hello, I know the Accelerated program at Concordia University in Portland is still fairly new. I was wondering if anyone knew anyone who graduated from this program and had a hard time finding a job because it is not OCNE accredited? I am trying to decided whether I should wait a year and apply to Linfield or reapply to OHSU and work as a CNA for that year or just start the Concordia program this fall. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!