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    Men's shoes for nursing school.

    I have white new balances. Comfortable and supportive
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    I Live in CT,Does Any One know?

    No they are not accredited now. Don't waste your money and time. I recommend Lincoln or porter. State schools are also good but timing is key for admission. They are selective as well. If you have college credits in the past 6 years any applicable will apply to the trade schools.
  3. Jeantilien1

    I Live in CT,Does Any One know?

    I am glad I saw your post. I literally registered just to comment. I live in CT and I live less than 2 miles away from Stone Academy in West Haven. DO NOT GO TO STONE. I am verrrry serious. For one they are NOT an accredited program, second many facilities do not want Stone doing clinicals at their site because the school has bad rep. I was about to take their accuplacer but they do NOT care about your education. Yes all of these programs is about taking your money but the level of care and competence in staff varies immensely. Porter and Chester Ive heard good things from and their students have come to my daily job for clinicals and they seem to know what they are doing. I go to Lincoln Tech in Shelton and it has its shortcomings but is very tolerable. I am halfway done with mod 2. P.s people who graduate from stone have a hard time gaining work experience post-graduation