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  1. LeGOmyFUEGO

    Legacy RN Residency February 2020

    Hello! I wanted to start a thread for the 2020 applicants for the Legacy RN residency program. I just got my interview date for next month (11/13) and I wanted to see if anyone had any input on the interview process, types of questions they ask, what happens after the first set of interviews, how likely is it that if we make it through that we get assigned/hired to our preferred unit, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Best of luck to everyone applying!
  2. LeGOmyFUEGO

    Johns Hopkins MSN Entry into Nursing Spring 2018

    Yeah, I had the same reaction. I emailed them to make sure I had it in writing. Debbie Driscoll, the senior admissions officer, said it was recommended but not required. I decided I did not want ETS to keep half of my money and want to see if I can raise my score with a second try in June. Wish me luck! JHU really needs to update their website because the number of essays required (2 instead of 3), the GRE requirement, and the cost of the application ($45 instead of $75) have all changed. Hope your GRE retake went well on Thursday! Regarding transcripts, the admin office transferred me to the registrar office (which I had already emailed with the transcript question but had yet to get back to me). They informed me that I needed to order it through a separate service (go to iwantmytranscript.com) and select Johns Hopkins as the school. I think I paid $2.25. Make sure to select paper copy mailed to NursingCAS, not yourself. Thanks for the advice regarding Anatomy. I just realized yesterday that I needed to order the workbook -_-. It looks like a lot of reading and memorization. Very happy I am taking Nutrition (which looks pretty easy) at the same time and not Microbio. Microbio was very interesting and required a fair amount of studying. I thought the experiment portion of the late nite lab was occasionally slow/delayed. The written section, where you actually entered your previously collected lab data and answered questions, was fairly easy and straightforward. Once you submit the lab, it is final. You can save a draft and come back to it if you need to. I did actually mess up on one lab regarding using sunscreen, jean material, and baby oil on half of a petri dish infected with bacteria. The goal was to show changes in bacterial growth when exposed to UV and if the material covering the bacteria had any effect. The bacteria covered by items with higher UV-blocking SPF showed greater bacterial growth, because the UV was unable to kill the "protected" bacteria. I unfortunately wrote the opposite. I emailed the professor as soon as I realized my mistake and correctly identified what the experiment showed and they were very understanding. I would say make sure to always read the lab document before and during your lab. It provides a clear goal for the experiment and often gives the answers to the questions they ask in the written portion.