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  1. My children were removed from me and placed in foster care in 2013, I regained custody & jumped through their hoops 19 mo later. I've been obsessively studying for my soon starting LPN program, as I aspire to have a BSN as an RN within 4-6 years, when I come upon something stating ANY CHILD ABUSE HISTORY OR ON THE CACI (CALIFORNIA ABUSE BLAH BLAH REGISTRY) will stop me from even being admitted into the program!!! Does anyone please have any insight, I was ultimately charged with "Innapropriate form of dicipline" "neglect" "emotional abuse" (It was total BS, and I got my kids back obviously! Proved to the courts and judge that I was a fit parent! Will this seriously stop me from achieving my dream TO BETTER MY LIFE FOR MY CHILDREN?!! I'm conpletely distraught by this :(
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    Will Be A Success Story

    So hello! I'm very new to this site, also not sure if I belong. I'm an aspiring LVN! :) Well, suppose I should start at the begining. Lol I'm a 24 year old mother of 3. I'm engaged to a wonderful man who works hard and supports us. But before all that, I was a 20 year old mother of two, suffering drug addiction in an abusive marriage which resulted in my ex husband being imprisoned and my 2 children removed and placed in foster care. On that very date, Oct. 24th 2013 of my children's removal, a switch in my head flipped. I fought relentlessly for my lil boys. Found work, Kept my apartment, , the 6 classes a week, 5 NA a week, plus traveled 400 miles twice a week to visit my sons and would come back in time for other CPS classes. I did all that for 19 months straight. The last 6 months i also managed a retail store. Lol ofcoarse, awarded with my children as a result of my incredible dedication. I found out 2 weeks later I was expecting my 3d child. By suprise lol first suprise baby. Anyway.... 2 years later I have a beautiful 15mo baby girl and a 3 year old lil boy & 6 year old boy. A fiance that works tirelessly and provides well for us. And yet.... I'm a 24 year old that doesn't even have her GED... I dropped out at 16, pregnant, typical blah blah statistic. I've just enrolled in our community college GED class/testing program, Now, I have 4 months to study my butt off and hopefully get my GED through here before we move to IOWA. 1200 miles away! In August, from the Mohave desert lol My sister in law, an RN. And her two daughters, my neices, (already enrolled in the Western Iowa College CNA program) and they truly inspired me to go into the medical field and nursing. Especially my sister in law who has been a RN for 16 years. Anywho, I plan on attending the same CNA program once we move out there, (should have my GED by then lol) It's a 75 hour program. Affordable. Promising. Also counts as my prerequisite for the LVN which this College also provides for. My only fear... Only my life haha Is the math. I'm honestly probably going to hire a tutor for these 4 months, and hopefully be okay. But is it intense? Also, do you all think this will be too much for me? I try to compare it to what I had to go through during my CPS case, cuz that was ALOT of work for 19 months. I'm not too worried about financial issues, my fiance can carry us. I don't ant that. I want to only add to our bank lol not just take. So he's encouraging me amazingly to do all this btw! It's even inspired him to go back to school perhaps for his Drug & Alcohal counseling degree. Basically I'm here to get any tips, advice, anything I can soak up about the life of a LVN and CNA and the good, bad, and ugly. Lol I'm basically walking into this blind. But being the empath I am it hit me like a ton of bricks, big, ah-ha moment lol I want to help people! I care about people so much. I'm not squeemish, I have an incredible stomach lol anyways.... help!