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vohjen's Latest Activity

  1. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2019

    Has anyone heard if there is any WL movement?
  2. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2019

    Congrats! :) I have not recieved mine yet. I am so nervous rn.
  3. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2019

    Thanks for the reply. I emailed her yesterday but she hasn't responded yet. I am guessing they are busy getting the letters ready to mail next week.
  4. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2019

    Hi littlebuntingdoesnursing, Did she mention anything about the competitive applicants and spots available?
  5. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2019

    You were correct. I called UP and they comfirmed it. It's not a good news. Did you apply for Linfield Spring 2019?
  6. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2019

    Hi FalconBlue25, I think they will mail out the letters by the end of Sep. What do you mean by "because of UP, they hae more applicants than usual"?
  7. vohjen

    Walla Walla University BSN

    Hello al3x117, May I ask what was your GPA and your science grades when you applied to Walla Walla University?
  8. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2017

    Hi Jsalin20, do you remember what were the application essay questions? I talked to ____ at Linfield, she told me that there are no essay questions, that makes me so confused. I am planning to apply to Linfield Spring 2018.
  9. vohjen

    Linfield Spring 2018

    Hi Neilson94, I am also planning to apply to Linfield also. It will be my first time applying to any nursing school. I have heard it is very competive, they told me that a competive candidate must have at least 3.5 GPA of prereq to get accepted. Application essays also need to be strong, and medical experience will make your application looks good. However, I asked ___ at Linfield, she told me there won't be essay questions this year, that makes me confuse.