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  1. Thank you!! I'm sorry, I'm so structured and like to know a straight plan and attack things in an ordered fashion. Lol! When I explain things to medical personnel that I shadow, they all tell me the same thing to slow down and enjoy life haha. I just want to make make sure I have everything together so I don't experience curve balls or am lacking when it is my time to apply. I am really thankful for you all taking the time to help me and give me guidance! I have been searchjng all kinds of forums forums on the site and learning more about other options. I just know i now I love helping others and am so anxious to get in the field and make a difference. I hope all my eggs are in the right basket so far. But, thanks for taking it all in LOL
  2. Well why switch now when I'm graduating with my degree as well as my pre-reqs for nursing. I'm a junior right now I graduate next year from undergrad w all my pre-reqs. I will have my undergrad degree and then apply for ABSN, and work in the ICU for two years & get everything I need before CRNA. My parents have paid for undergrad so I have zero school debt. I dont think it will take forever, I feel like I'm on a good path with graduating at age 20 and then taking on nursing the following semester. I know it's hard work but everything requires a good work ethic!! :)
  3. Awesome!!!:) so glad to know others are doing something as I am. My parents were able to pay for my undergrad college & are willing to pay for ABSN school, but not CRNA school. I've been comparing schools so far for CRNA & ABSN. I'm looking at WSSU or just staying here at ECU. Taking it all one step at a time.
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! i will do ABSN! And will take our advise if not admitted into ICU as soon after graduation, I will do med surg. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I shouldve proof-read before i posted. Correction: I am a junior i graduate in 2018 from ECU with a BS in Public Health. I took the pre-medical route for my concentration which allowed me to incorperate pre-reqs that you would need for any medical career you intend to take. these included: *Organic Chemistry//Lab *College Algebra *Statistics *Developmental Psychology *Ethics *Sociology *Microbiology *A&P I and II with Labs *Computer Science *Biology I & Biology II *General Chemistry Fundamentals I have one pre-req to complete for the 'pre-med' aspect of my major, which is why it is a BS in Public Health because of all the sciences i have taken. Once i graudate, i want to go to nursing school because i have changed my idea of going to medical school. So i would like to know if i should attend a ABSN program, and which one is best in the state of NOrth Carolina. I currently have a 3.6 gpa and a 3.5 science and math GPA. I want to work as a nurse and then go back to school to be a CRNA. Just a little thoughts on what you think of my path. Again i dont have to take an additional year or so to get pre-reqs. Once i graduate i will be done with all of that, in Decemember 2018. I was thinking to apply to ABSN, get mt BSN within that year of 2019. Work for a few years (2) then go to CRNA school. tell me what you think!!
  6. In my curriculum for BSPH all of those course were included, i only have one prereq for nursing left and that is statistics. I will have that done before i graduate so i dont have to take additional time to get those prereqs, i did them all in undergrad.
  7. I actually miss typed my information. I am a junior and I graduate in 2018. I didn't decide to do nursing until about this year, and it was too late for me to change over so I decided to take the pre-reqs I needed and then my advisor told me about a ABSN program to get my nursing degree. I wanted to be a PA but I shadowed a lot and fell I love with CRNA but I need my BSN to do that which is why I decided to get my ABSN. IS there something different that I should do instead? Should I jus apply to regular nursing school? I believe that would take me longer because ABSN is just one year.
  8. Hi all! My name is Aman Braggs. I am a senior at East Carolina and I will graduate next fall 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health Administration:Community Health. I am looking to become a CRNA in the end, but so far i have my CNA and have just a few pre-reqs to complete before i graduate. I am looking to stay in NOrth Carolina and find a ABSN program, work for a few years and apply to CRNA school. MAybe ill find some guys and gals hat are doing the same with me and could take this journey together! Or guidance would help, to those who have completed similar paths as i am hoping. Hope to chat with you all soon!! :) Aman Braggs