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  1. I am soon to start my MSN in education at WGU with minimal expense due to partnership discount, tuition assistance and scholarship. I would love to teach at local community college, university or online. My focus will be DNP in education. I came across a few that are online but some were positive and some were negative. Any current or past students that went to any of these schools, what are the pros and cons of them. Any WGU students have any issues with transfering to another university? I am leaning between Touro Nevada University and Indiana State University. -Maryville University -Indiana State University -University of Southern Indiana -Touro Nevada University -Northern Kentucky University
  2. I will be starting the nurse educator track at chamberlain in Jan 2019. For those who are in the program, past, present or future how do you like the program? Can you take 2 courses at a time in the begining before taking core courses while working full time night shift? Did anyone have any problems finding a preceptor? Do they help or guide you to find a preceptor? How difficult was it to find a position as a nurse educator after completing the program? For those who will be starting the program in January 2019, would you like to start a support thread?
  3. Rn-bsnfuturetraumaer

    Chamberlain RN-BSN-MSN

    I am in the RN-BSN Chamberlain program right now and have a 6 courses left including the capstone course. After researching the MSN program at Chamberlain, I'm thinking about perusing my masters in nurse educator. 1. Has anyone finish with RN-BSN Curriculum plan first then take MSN? 2. Is the RN-BSN-MSN Curriculum is a better route to take? I have 6 courses left for the BSN but if I take this route then I only have 3 and I can double up before starting the MSN plan. 3. Anyone finished or currently in the MSN-Nurse Educator track at Chamberlain?
  4. Rn-bsnfuturetraumaer

    RN-BSN Chamberlain course load

    I started Chamberlain last year and love every bit of it. I was taking 1 course at a time until I felt comfortable to start taking more. In May I decided to take 2 courses and if it works out I will continue taking two. My goal is to graduate in Dec if possible. In May I'm taking NR 361 Info Systems in Healthcare and NR 391 Transcultural Nursing These are my courses that I have left: NR 443 RN Community Health Nursing POLI 330N Political Science NR 447 Collaborative Healthcare NR 439 RN Evidence-Based Practice NR 451 Capstone Course -Which 2 combination of courses can I take that are doable except for capstone? -Has anyone taken 2 courses at a time and how was it? -Has anyone taken political science with a nursing course?