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I will be starting the nurse educator track at chamberlain in Jan 2019. For those who are in the program, past, present or future how do you like the program? Can you take 2 courses at a time in the begining before taking core courses while working full time night shift? Did anyone have any problems finding a preceptor? Do they help or guide you to find a preceptor? How difficult was it to find a position as a nurse educator after completing the program? For those who will be starting the program in January 2019, would you like to start a support thread?

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I took one class at a time. I found an education job (hospital based trauma educator) before I finished my degree. You will have to find your own preceptor and location for your practicum.

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I took one class at a time and doubled once. I also work full-time. My preceptor was one of my MSN professors. My practicum was co-teaching an online MSN class with that professor. Super experience! That helped me secure an online teaching position with Chamberlain teaching in their BSN track!

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