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  1. Can a Nursing Home have a union?

    Almost any group of nurses can be covered under collective bargaining, regardless of the size of the facility. In my opinion, the best approach to do this is through your state nurses association. Many of the state associations have their own progr...
  2. Indianapolis

    You'll need my e-mail :
  3. Indianapolis

    A friend of mine in Indianapolis is looking for a DON and a NP with geriatrics expertise to work in a university setting. Please e-mail me if interested and I'll send you the postings. KimberlyRN79
  4. external brains

    I have been intriqued watching so many people with PDAs. I'm thinking of getting one but I want to make sure it can do all the work and of course fun things that I need. My husband has a Daimond Mako and he thinks it's great. If I get the same kin...
  5. hospital-based geriatrics

    I'm new to this list as of 4/9/01. I"m a CNS and NP in geriatrics. I work in an acute care setting and am wondering if there is any one else on this list working in the same type of setting. Many issues for geriatric patients are the same across s...
  6. pre-med for blood transfusion

    What is your protocol for blood transfusions? Does anyone still pre-medicate patients with Tylenol and/or Benadryl? Kimberly