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  1. Iwillsurvive

    Is it a bad idea to return to the hospital?

    i'm so burnout. i'm questioning either starting over at the VA or do outpt primary care clinic.
  2. Iwillsurvive

    Work burnout

    i'm so burnout and tired of the injuries.
  3. Iwillsurvive

    Two weeks in-not sure I can do this!

    it doesnt get any easier from here. but you will get way better. it's worth it.
  4. Iwillsurvive

    Oncology vs. Med-Surg.

    Think of oncology as med surg on steroids. you're treated as a med surg floor with patients that are critically ill and many who should probably be in SICU. oncology will make you hell of a good nurse. regular med surg nurses dread going to my floor because of the acuity.
  5. Iwillsurvive

    Already Tired of Bedside

    I feel you. I work on a heavy oncology floor where the patients are super sick and go down quick. I’ve been a nurse for a year and a half and nursing school did not prepare me enough for “real nursing.” Im tired all the time, my days off are spent sleeping and lot of responsibility falls on the nurse and when other disciplines don’t do their job somehow it falls on us still. I understand your frustration completely. If you feel the same after a year, I suggest looking for another job. No job is worth your risking your health and happiness.
  6. Iwillsurvive

    Yale GEPN 2016

    Not having a BSN and getting your MSN through the GEPN program is a bold move. I'm a BSN educated floor nurse working in an oncology/hematology unit at a magnet hospital (exactly where i want to practice as an NP), and there's so much learning i still got to do. It's intense. My hat goes off to floor nurses everywhere. My recommendation is to get relevant healthcare experience and truly being certain of why you want an advance nursing degree in the specialty you're going to. Volunteering in the field of interest in is a good start. I'm prepping for the GREs and starting the YSN application process soon. Best wishes to everyone! We got this.
  7. Iwillsurvive

    new grad facebook post

    seems like you need some optimism in your life. best wishes.
  8. Iwillsurvive

    new grad facebook post

    Hey great nurses and nurses to be. I want to post that i passed boards on facebook and was wondering how i should post this. This is what i'm thinking. "Allow me to reintroduce myself: John Smith, Registered Nurse. I passed boards!" Is this grammatically and punctually correct? Also, what do you think of putting John Smith, Regisred Nurse, BSN as well? Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone, I just graduated nursing school with my BSN and i'm thinking of using these next two-three years off from school to explore and focus on what my next step is for graduate studies/career. I love public health. I feel that healthcare needs to have a more upstream/midstream/preventative approach as opposed to the main focus of injury treatment and chronic illness care. I also want to be a nurse practitioner in the future. I originally wanted to go to medical school. But a change of heart lead me to nursing school and boy was it the best decision of my life. I love the holistic approach nursing has and the intimate relationship we build with our patients and i feel that medical schools are just starting to catch up to the holism that's so ingrained in our profession. I definitely still see myself as a future provider as an advanced practice nurse. Now, my question is what can i do with a combined NP/MPH? What kind of job opportunities can arise using both of these titles? I'm thinking of getting my NP first(in whatever area i see myself a best fit in) and then getting my MPH. Also, what do you guys think about with being a (family vs. Acute care) NP with the MPH? Which route do you guys think is ideal?
  10. Iwillsurvive

    Crazy knee pain from injury

    Hey everyone! Im a senior nursing student and have really bad knee pain from an injury 6 months ago. I've been diagnosed with patellar femoral pain syndrome, which is just a fancy diagnosis for they don't know exactly what's causing the pain. But once it's there, all one can do is symptom management and prevention of further injury. The pain is intense. Im always in pain. It has diminished my quality of life. I used to be very active with martial arts, lifting weights , dancing etc. Now all I can do is walk and even that hurts a ton. BUT Im determined to not let that get me down. I don't want to be a victim to my circumstances. I want to get out there and be there best nurse I can be. What kind of career paths can I follow? I can still walk so I can work as a floor nurse. It's just bothersome from the pain. I've thought about maybe taking a pain medication with an opioid component to it. But I'm not sure if that will potentially affect my work performance. What do you suggest I do?