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bluescrubs has 3 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in Corrections, Surgical.

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  1. bluescrubs

    Looking for a peri op training program

    Thank you. I wasn't sure if I should apply to regular OR openings since I do not have experience but it won't hurt to apply. The worst they can say is no since I do not have experience. I just assumed that you had to go through a peri op training pro...
  2. Hello, I am a travel medsurg/tele nurse with a little over 2 years of experience. I'm looking to transition into a peri 101 training program. It seems so hard to get into the OR these days. I know the training program is about a year. Do they op...
  3. bluescrubs

    Travel nursing or permanent MS job in Florida?

    Nursing in general is stressful. Right now I'm on a med-surg/tele floor on a travel contract. Whether you're a travel nurse or permanent staff you're going to do the same work. Might as well get paid 2-3X's the amount. I recommend travel to anybody t...
  4. bluescrubs

    Jails without correctional officers walking with you?

    I wouldn't feel the need for an officer to be with me on a tour but find out if an officer will be with you during all patient interaction.
  5. bluescrubs

    How long is this going to last?

    Hopefully the rates last for at least another year or 2. While I do not like what Covid has done to healthcare it has made a lot of nurses realize their worth. Some left to travel to get paid what they felt they deserved working in a pandemic and som...
  6. bluescrubs

    Travel RNs Making $$ - Would you go back to it?

    Not a nurse practitioner but a travel nurse in SF. An NP at the hospital I work at actually asked me about travel because she is seeing rates for RN's that are better than her salary. I always tell people most jobs will treat you like crap, might as ...
  7. bluescrubs

    ER Holding Due To No Beds

    Last assignment I was at 3 months ago people sometimes waited in the ER holding for 2-4 days. It wasn't because there aren't any beds, the problem is there wasn't enough nurses and CNA's. Often times hospitals are not truly out of beds. Right now the...
  8. bluescrubs

    How Has Covid Affected Nursing?

    I love that you said this. Are we supposed to be in the garden or taking care of patients? Its like when they have free food at a specific location but no one has time to leave the unit, wait in line and get it. Plus free food only goes so far. I wan...
  9. bluescrubs

    I'm Done

    Trust me, if the money is good enough people will come out of retirement and the shadows for it. If a hospital is paying 8k for 3 or 4 days, best believe I'm there no matter how s****y it is because I know it'll only last 13 weeks... Or the hospital ...
  10. bluescrubs

    I'm Done

    If there is only 6 ICU beds in the whole state then it sounds like a state of emergency and there needs to be some arrangements made. Working 5 to 6 days or nights straight is too much to ask for staff. I've done it before when I was staff with my PR...
  11. bluescrubs

    I have an idea...

    The thing with travelers is the hospital uses it as a tax write off so while the agency nurses are getting paid more than the staff nurses, the hospital isn't exactly losing a bunch of money using them. But once nurses are burned out you can offer th...
  12. bluescrubs

    Working the floor after a job interview!? WOW!...

    Untrue, if that was the case they would have 1 charge nurse who is an RN and a bunch of PCT's working under that license doing "anything a nurse does" to save money. I've shadowed after an OR interview, basically just watched a surgical case in the O...
  13. bluescrubs

    Does Correctional Nursing count as Psych Experience?

    I worked at a prison that was a psych camp, so yes that is psych experience for me. They had a separate building for the mental health patients and we were considered mental health nurses and they had medical in another building. Honestly almost anyw...
  14. bluescrubs

    Getting gate cut

    After I'm done traveling I will go back to corrections or just leave bedside all together. The hospital is a good place to start to build a foundation of skills but the amount of work I'm doing is not reflecting on my paycheck. Charting getting more ...
  15. If you really want to travel I would do it but maybe do med/surg or tele if you only have one year of ICU experience. I've worked in different hospitals and even staff and new grads are not getting proper orientation. So they won't do a lot of hand h...