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bluescrubs has 1 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in Corrections, Surgical.

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  1. bluescrubs

    I'm Done

    If there is only 6 ICU beds in the whole state then it sounds like a state of emergency and there needs to be some arrangements made. Working 5 to 6 days or nights straight is too much to ask for staff. I've done it before when I was staff with my PR...
  2. bluescrubs

    Working the floor after a job interview!? WOW!...

    Untrue, if that was the case they would have 1 charge nurse who is an RN and a bunch of PCT's working under that license doing "anything a nurse does" to save money. I've shadowed after an OR interview, basically just watched a surgical case in the O...
  3. bluescrubs

    Just Got Hired But Want to Go Per Diem in Order to Travel RN

    If you really want to travel I would do it but maybe do med/surg or tele if you only have one year of ICU experience. I've worked in different hospitals and even staff and new grads are not getting proper orientation. So they won't do a lot of hand h...
  4. bluescrubs

    Giving abx in 100 ml NS instead of 50 ml

    I don't think it will make a big difference but if you would like to double check I would asked the pharmacist once you get back to work without implicating yourself if you really want to know. Another factor that's into play is this a one time abx o...
  5. bluescrubs

    TRUSTED HEALTH. New company, no recruiters, is this a good option?

    My first hospital travel assignment was with trusted health. From starting to look for work to signature on a contract took me about 2 weeks. It's just depends on the person. Some answer fast and some take a few hours. I also have a profile with Aya ...
  6. bluescrubs

    Employer refusing to provide even verification

    As other have stated a pay stub should prove that you worked there. A third party company was having trouble verifying my employment in corrections. In corrections we use a medical company that has a contract with the jail or prison. So say I work fo...
  7. bluescrubs

    Can't pass EKG prophecy assessment

    Hello everyone, I have a travel assignment and in order to start I have to pass an EKG assessment on prophecy. For the life of me I cannot pass this test. I have my ACLS and BLS and there are some strips I've never seen before on the test. The f...
  8. bluescrubs

    Asking for more money

    So I just started a travel assignment at a prison not too long ago. I like the job but for a traveler the pay is low compared to other places. I know the rates everywhere are going down but an RN was making over 4K weekly for months while he was ther...
  9. bluescrubs

    Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

    Right now I don't think I can do full time on my floor at the hospital. The 2 days a week are more than enough stress. Obviously if I get into the OR I will commit to full time. But maybe you are right about the break, if I do my required 2 days at t...
  10. bluescrubs

    Help me decide what job to take! New Grad Angst

    Take the specialty that you want. I am willing to move almost anywhere for OR experience, its just a hard specialty to get into. I'm in a specialty right now that I don't care for and I'm basically just counting down the days till I can transfer.
  11. bluescrubs

    Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

    I do not think that this facility requires 30 days notice. I thought about going full time at the psych facility but part of me doesn't want to give up on my dream of being an OR nurse. I've talked to upper management about it and she said we can beg...
  12. bluescrubs

    Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

    I was thinking of going full time or part time at the psych facility for benefits. Something just has to give as I'm running myself ragged trying to keep up with all of these jobs. I basically came to my current location with just the move in deposit...
  13. bluescrubs

    Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

    Part of my reasons is that I'm unhappy in bedside, another reason is that I may be moving over an 1 hr and 15 min away from this hospital. I work night shift and cannot survive the drive. I will probably leave out the unhappy part and just say the m...
  14. bluescrubs

    Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

    I have 2 correctional PRN jobs, 1 psych PRN job and a part time hospital job. I'm leaving one of the correctional jobs this month so technically it'll be 3 jobs. I would like to leave the part time hospital job. I'm just tired of bedside, my PRN jobs...
  15. bluescrubs

    Job Hopping? Unhappy New Nurse

    I'm in a similar situation, the hospital job I'm working at now flat out lied to me during the interview. They said the patient patio is 4-5, then why am I getting 6 consistently? I left my other job because it was too far but also because the patien...
  16. bluescrubs

    Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

    So currently I have 3 PRN jobs and 1 part time job at the hospital. One of the PRN jobs I'm going to put my 2 weeks in for various reasons. But a part time job and 2 PRN will still be too much for me. I've only been working at this hospital for 2 1/2...