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  1. Johnnyb2000

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Well you are right. And HCA would be a poor choice for a quality nurse for that very reason. A quality hospital requires a BSN and lots of character to get a good job. That's why I'm back in school. I'm tired of bad positions with high risk just because I'm an ADN.
  2. Johnnyb2000

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Well as long as there is a nurse that will hire on for low pay they don't care if you quit due to bad nursing ratios. In their minds someone else will take the job. Where I was, they couldn't get anyone for the low wages and now have to rethink how to get someone into the position. When corporate adn's management need to get involved because of hiring issues things will change some. A company will not change their ways when there are an abundance of nurses with your skills available at the same or lower pay. They will just state that you are disgruntled. But they ignore the causes. Advancing your degree and going to work in a reputable firm is the best answer. The government should do something to even the playing field. The nurse, especially if in charge, (care depends on his or her license), should be able to dictate the reasonable conditions of care within state and federal laws.
  3. Johnnyb2000

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    You're 100% right. The company would be the first to blame her.
  4. Johnnyb2000

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    I worked in a clinic and was put in the same situation. However, I resigned. It turns out the only real recourse short of lawyers was the state health department. If there are laws or policies that provide for patient safety and most of the patients are on Medicare, the department of health can put a stop to the issues. I refused overtime of 56 hours a week, working 14 to 20 hour shifts. I was ignored until I changed the schedule and was immediately retaliated against. The state felt this was the case too. I previously called the hr compliance people but they supported the overtime. My boss tried to label me a trouble maker but I was one of the best, most supportive workers. In any case. Julie is likely 100% right. She needs support in her correct action.
  5. Johnnyb2000

    Is this a possible case of age discrimination?

    Age discrimination does happen even if it's illegal. I graduated as an RN at the age of 51. I already have a BS degree in another subject. I was licensed in 2010 and it took nearly a year to land my first job at the worst possible place. Fortunately I am a dialysis nurse now and it seems I am needed more often than I would have thought. But it was a long hard Road and I think I had a fight and age battle. I applied to several hospitals and was even recommended by a fellow student. The fellow student with less work experience was hired and so were others around me but they were all considerably younger than I was. I never even got an interview even if I tailored my resume similar to the other people. I landed a job in a hospital in another state but as it turned out they were desperate for new nurses. When Senior Management decided they were spending too much money my Department was restructured. I got a new boss and was forced out. After another year of trying to get a job I finally took one at the most awful nursing home. They were so desperate for nurses they would hire anyone. After 4 months seeing how poorly they treated patients I had to leave. But I didn't leave until I had an offer from a better nursing home. The new job lasted a year-and-a-half but I got really tired of being pressured to do all the admissions but nine of the overtime. I left the organization and took a job in Assisted Living. That was the biggest mistake. it was nothing but a downgrade even though the pay was a little better. I left the assisted-living position and took a position with another nursing home. Well the nursing home was very nice, it just wasn't for me. I finally landed the dialysis job and now I have been employed there for 2 years. I'm so busy I don't have time to think but I love the job. I don't know if you can tell from my history but it was difficult to land a decent job and finally get into what I have now. I came from a previous professional career and made lots of money about twice what I make now. Changing my career and attitude was not a problem but changing employers attitudes towards older people has been a serious issue. On players don't come right out and say that the age discrimination is clear to me with myself and others I know that they do age discriminate. The closest I can State as fact is that during one interview at a hospital one of the interviewees and a team of three ask me why wouldn't just be a sales rep instead of a nurse I certainly had plenty of experience. This was a clue that they were saying you're old and you belong in a different field where you'll be accepted. What helped is that I look young, I died my hair professionally for the interview and really caught their attention.