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  1. spetryk22

    Moved to Calgary, Jobs?

    Update for the job hunt: I really lucked out, when I was in Edmonton, I emailed a few managers running units similar to mine. My manager in Edmonton also knew one of those managers so he hired me as a casual on the unit. From there I just asked people if they knew of any other units like this, and found similar units at other hospitals. I now work on 3 different units all casual, Subacute, Acute Geriatric, Vascular outpatient clinic. With this, I am not internal so I have slowly started applying for temporary and permanent positions. Its difficult, and I have heard from other staff that they applied to dozens up to hundreds of jobs before they got the one they are in. It all takes time, but take what you can get at first, then branch out.
  2. spetryk22

    Unable to get EI as a nurse

    There main argument is because I am taking this part time course, I cannot work full time, so I do not qualify for EI
  3. spetryk22

    Unable to get EI as a nurse

    I recently quit my job to follow my husband to Calgary for his job opportunity. Due to Calgary being a tough market for nurses, I decided to take a wound management course online, to make myself more appealing to hiring managers. Unfortunately I have been denied EI, due to me "not being available for work". Even though it is part-time, I have provided them with information from the university stating they have full time and part time staff that are successful with this course. I have also applied for an appeal, and contacted my local MP (which wasn't much help). I provided them with stats showing that only 61% of nurses are full time in Canada, and we are heading for a labour shortage as well. Anyone else experience this? Any other suggestions on what could be done?
  4. spetryk22

    Moved to Calgary, Jobs?

    I recently moved to Calgary from Edmonton with 2 years of charge nurse experience on a subacute unit. Unfortunately I am external to AHS. I have applied to over 15 jobs and have had no job interviews. What is the job market like? I am currently applying for any medicine, surgery, admin nursing, subacute/rehabilitation units I can find. If anyone knows of any units that are short of casual staff, please let me know, Thanks.
  5. spetryk22

    Alberta Nurse Job Hunt

    I am a new nurse with 7 months of experience on a Subacute unit. Currently trying to find a permanent position on a transition unit, clinic, case coordinator, or office related position. Any tips on how to find a job in these fields or of places hiring? I do not enjoy bedside nursing as much as I used to.