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missk729 BSN, RN

Medicine ICU
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missk729 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medicine ICU.

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  1. missk729

    When Nurses Dream...and Have Nightmares!

    I've had dreams on my off days of passing medications or my patient decompensating before waking up. Worst nightmare I had was someone was actively bleeding from their mouth and they started to code. It was the most chilling nightmare I've had.
  2. missk729

    Removing Foley’s on intubated patients

    Hello, nurse from Texas here! I am a Medicine ICU RN, and on my unit we generally try to assess the need for foleys in all of our patients. Most of the reasoning is to decrease risk of CAUTI's in our patients. I've had one male patient who did have a condom catheter once his renal status improved. Other than that time, most intubated patients I have cared for had Foleys in place.
  3. missk729

    Nursing and Sorority?

    I am only skeptical about it due to time management. If I pledged this semester (which is less heavy than next semester) I would have more time for all the pledging activities. Next semester would be my first semester active in ZPB
  4. missk729

    Nursing and Sorority?

    Hello! I am a Junior nursing student and i have 2 more semesters in my nursing program. I am interested in joining a sorority (ZPB) but i am a little skeptical about going through with it. My GPA is fairly high and managed to stay on top of my tasks. The only thing that is concerning me is the difficulty of S1 (Peds, OB, and ICU). What advice would you all recommend? I will also be starting a student prn job at a hospital during the summer as well.