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  1. Are you looking for the Facebook group? If so here it is. Log into Facebook | Facebook
  2. I would also recommend retaking your A&p's. I got a C in my first round of a&p after an awful professor. I learned that ratemyprofessor is your bff. I retook it in the summer with stacy Vasquez who was awesome and I highly recommend!! Then I took micro the second summer session as well and a&p2 in the fall and took a professor that was really recommended and pulled off an A...barely.
  3. Any last minute people dropping off applications today??
  4. If you drop off your application today or tomorrow let us know what number applicant you are!!
  5. I'm assuming there will be a lot of last-minute applications as well. Curious to know what the final number will be.
  6. They will let us know by the end of April right?
  7. My friend just said she was applicant 257 this morning.
  8. Oh I misread that! Lol!
  9. Yay!! I probably saw you there today!! I'm super excited how much I improved my Math score. I have had to relearn a lot of stuff!! Good luck!! I feel good!!
  10. So I dropped off my application but they didn't give me what number I was because the girl that handles them had stepped out so i had to leave my phone # in case I forgot anything. So I'm applying with A&P 1: A A&P 2: A Micro: A Hesi: 90
  11. I'm retaking HESI tomorrow morning and will hopefully drop off my application that afternoon. I will follow up what # applicant I am! :)
  12. Thanks for doing that! I found it! :)
  13. Chemistry is my nemesis. All the others I have quite a few of so i plan on doing bsn as well. I had just never actually looked at the classes required. Thanks!
  14. Do you have a link to what classes are required for the BSN?
  15. So Cassie told me that the tb test is before acceptance but the instructions clearly say after. Anyone do the tb test before or should I bother?