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  1. Bellarmine University Accelerated Nursing 2017

    Same. I'm really nervous as well. I'm moving back home so I won't have to worry about anything else other than going to school. My mom is a nurse along with my brother but even with that I'm nervous that it's going to be too hard. Maybe they'll clear...
  2. Bellarmine University Accelerated Nursing 2017

    I've heard a lot of bad things but I've also heard some good things as well. Most of the people that I've talked to that went through this program said that it is do-able. Every accelerated nursing program you go into is going to be super super hard....
  3. Hi guys! I got accepted into Bellarmine's Accelerated Nursing Program for May 2017 and was wondering if anyone else got accepted as well? I'd really like to meet you guys. I know it's going to be an intense year but I'm pretty excited. I've heard a l...