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  1. jasulenka

    RIC/SJHSNA Class 2017

    Yoroy, Im not a CRNA applicant but this is ultimately a dream of mine. I'm still a pre-nursing student, transferring to RIC this fall 2017. Im so excited about the switch from a community college to a 4-year college, mainly because I believe this is the best path to a higher education. Im nervous because I was accepted into a 2-year ADN program but decided to take the longer, slower but further route. I understand my decision is only was wise as how much effort I put into it. May I ask; what does the path to a CRNA look like after Nursing school, or did you not attend nursing school? Just trying to see into the future a bit. Thanks!
  2. jasulenka

    CCRI Opinions/Thoughts

    Hi there, Congrats on your acceptance! I also got accepted into CCRI Nursing for this fall 2017.. However, I also applied to RIC because I would love to start working on my BSN right away and graduate that way. I hear good things about both schools but I've been studying part time at a community college for the past 3 years, have a 3.8 combined GPA and crave a new learning environment. Im a little worried about my decision to turn down a guaranteed seat in such a competitive program...
  3. Hello All! Ive been a pre-nursing student at community colleges for the past 3 years, doing all my pre-reqs and scoring an overall GPA of 3.8. Ive applied at a few 4-year colleges/universities and a community college. I got accepted into CCRI (community college) program for this fall, but also got into the 4-year college RIC as a pre-nursing. RIC requires that all transfer applicants begin as a general undergrad and apply for the Nursing Program from within.. Im excited about this opportunity and am ready for a change. I like the idea of working towards my BSN right away (I will have work to support me through school)... but seeing as how competitive the programs are in general, Im not sure if Im making a wise move by turning down a guaranteed seat. I ultimately would like to continue studying for my Masters so Im thinking 4-year is the better way to continue my education... ANY advice would be appreciated!
  4. jasulenka

    RIC nursing program

    HI there! Hows the nursing program going? You must be close to done? Im applying into RIC nursing next year after transferring in this fall. Im nervous about my decision because I also applied to CCRI's nursing and got accepted, but I think I'm going to turn it down to pursue a BSN right away... as well as possibly have more opportunities at RIC overall vs a community college. I've been going to community colleges for over 3 years, I'm ready for a change and RIC's tuition is unbeatable! Any advice?
  5. jasulenka

    Looking for opinions for pre-nursing student

    I see its been some time since you posted, so Im curious how its going since I'm also facing a similar situation. I've been accepted into CCRI's ADN program this fall 2017. I've also been accepted into RIC as a general transfer student, and I've been pre-evaluated at transferring in 60 credits. My current GPA with all my credits is currently 3.8. I'd really like to go for the BSN program but Im worried about turning down a 2 year program and gambling on / competing (again!) for the highly competitive BSN program. Classes are filling up and I need to decide where to go this fall :/