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School choices, 2-year or 4-year?

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Hello All!

Ive been a pre-nursing student at community colleges for the past 3 years, doing all my pre-reqs and scoring an overall GPA of 3.8. Ive applied at a few 4-year colleges/universities and a community college. I got accepted into CCRI (community college) program for this fall, but also got into the 4-year college RIC as a pre-nursing. RIC requires that all transfer applicants begin as a general undergrad and apply for the Nursing Program from within.. Im excited about this opportunity and am ready for a change. I like the idea of working towards my BSN right away (I will have work to support me through school)... but seeing as how competitive the programs are in general, Im not sure if Im making a wise move by turning down a guaranteed seat. I ultimately would like to continue studying for my Masters so Im thinking 4-year is the better way to continue my education... ANY advice would be appreciated!

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Have you researched the job market in your area? You may want to take a look at job postings- if they state BSN preferred or required, you'll definitely have an advantage going to the BSN program.