EBinsfieldRN ADN, RN

Med Surg, Geriatrics,Hospice/Home Care, Wound Care

Bachelors Degree in English/Creative writing, second career RN.

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EBinsfieldRN has 23 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Med Surg, Geriatrics,Hospice/Home Care, Wound Care.

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  1. EBinsfieldRN

    Harassment in Nursing School

    I can't imagine that nursing school has gotten easier since I graduated, so I can't help but wonder how all these classmates and instructors have enough free time to focus on making others miserable. I have no additional words of wisdom, but I w...
  2. EBinsfieldRN

    5 Ways Nurses Can Support New CNA’s in Long-Term Care

    Hear, hear!! CNAs are a crucial member of their healthcare team, and often the eyes/ears that first detect the subtle changes in a patient's condition. Some of the very best nurses I've known and worked with during my nursing career began theirs...
  3. EBinsfieldRN

    Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    Great article. I've been away from the floor for some time now, but I definitely recall suggesting via subtle assessment points. I also recall using the tactic in home health and home hospice. Some docs would rely on us as partners in their patients'...