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TooStrong2012 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. TooStrong2012

    UTMB AGACNP Fall 2020

    Just received my acceptance letter! See you all at orientation in July! and Goodluck to the rest of you applying!
  2. TooStrong2012

    UTMB Fall 2020 AGPC/FNP Master’s Program

    Just received my acceptance letter for the Acute Care NP program! Goodluck to the rest of you!
  3. TooStrong2012

    UTMB Fall 2020 AGPC/FNP Master’s Program

    I applied on March 7th and received my supplemental app on March 12th. It might take a bit longer because of the pandemic.
  4. Hi all! I thought I’d create a thread for those who applied or are in the processing of applying to the Fall 2020 UTMB master’s NP programs. I applied to all three: Adult/Gero Acute Care, Adult/Gero Primary Care, and Family NP. I am late in the game and just applied this week before the March 15th deadline. Are there any others that have recently applied? My background: Graduated from the BSN program at UTHealth in fall 2018. Have been a nurse in Oncology for a year. I know my experience is limited but I met the requirement of 1 year experience required. Is there anyone with less than 2 years experience as an RN? I have a 3.2 GPA but have submitted a well written personal statement. I received 3 letters of recommendations from my Associate Director, Clinical Nurse Manager, and Charge Nurse. My goal is to get accepted into one of the Adult/Gero NP programs. Good luck all!
  5. TooStrong2012

    UTHSC Summer 2017

    Don't lose hope! There is probably going to be a second wave as well! Stay positive!
  6. TooStrong2012

    UTHSC Summer 2017

    Add me on Facebook and to the Facebook group! Also, here is my email: ritacmelchor@att.net
  7. TooStrong2012

    UTHSC Summer 2017

    Hey guys! I've been following this forum since the beginning but never made a comment. I just found out that I have been accepted!!! My name name is Marinna Melchor. Here are my stats: Overall gpa: 3.53 science gpa: 4.0 prerequistes gpa: 3.67 HESI: 89% Previous degree in Psychology

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