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  1. EmRo42

    PLU ELMSN 2018

    Hello, I have appreciated everyone keeping me updated throughout this process, so I wanted to make sure to let you all know that I received my acceptance letter this afternoon! I can't wait to meet my future fellow Lutes in June! (ahhh June!)
  2. EmRo42

    PLU ELMSN 2018

    I also just got an email from NursingCas that my app has been verified. I submitted before the priority deadline and submitted my Fall Quarter updated grades just before Christmas.
  3. EmRo42

    Hospice or hospital volunteer?

    Volunteering anywhere will help you when applying to nursing programs. Many of them require volunteer hours/experience. It will also help you get a foot in the door for a paid position once you get your CNA certification, so picking a location where you potentially want to work is also a good idea. I also would recommend looking into private courses to get your CNA certification, especially if you are in a hurry to get certified. In my area, those courses were cheaper and shorter than the ones offered at community colleges. Just make sure you check out reviews on the private schools- their quality can definitely have a wide range from really bad to great. Mine ended up being a good experience- we shared some clinical locations with the community college CNA classes and some of the professors taught at our school as an extra job!
  4. EmRo42

    Just starting...

    A good first step would be to make an appointment with an advisor at your local community college. They will have lots of information on prereqs, the schools RN program, and where you can transfer to locally for your BSN. The school might also offer a CNA (Nursing Assistant) Program. Getting your CNA license and working as one will be good experience to help get into school.
  5. EmRo42

    PLU ELMSN 2018

    I went to an info session in May or June, and they said that they didn't think they would be doing interviews this year. I think that last year was the first year they did it and if I'm remembering correctly, they didn't think it helped with the admission process. Maybe someone who has gone to an info session recently has a better memory of what they said?
  6. EmRo42

    PLU ELMSN 2018

    Hi Smcshane! Thank you for starting this! I just submitted mine today and am relived to have it in :)
  7. EmRo42

    Seattle Central CC NAC Program

    Just wanted to post an update since I have answered most of my own questions! I decided on NATI's weekend course in Shoreline (Friday, Saturday, Sunday 6-10pm). The classes aren't actually every day of every weekend. Sometimes classes are just Friday or just Sat/Sun. While SCCC has really awesome and brand new facilities for their labs (and a view of the sound!) The cost $1600+ and the hours spent in class (20hrs per week) were both too much compared to NATI (less than $800 and about 16 hrs or less per week). The space at NATI is nice as well (just not AS nice or new as SCCC) and the teachers so far are great and have a variety of experience in nursing. We scheduled our clinicals on the second day of class. I am doing mine on a Fri, Sat, Sun, and the following Fri, Sat; all 8 hour shifts in downtown Seattle. This is definitely doable while taking two intense summer courses!
  8. EmRo42

    Summer 2017 Chat

    Hello! I am taking A&P 1 on campus and statistics online this summer over 8 weeks. 5 weeks in I will be starting a CNA course as well on the weekends. It is going to be a busy summer but luckily my employer allowed me to cut back to part time! My goal is to finish all of my prerequisites for my top choice program Fall quarter, submit my application in November, and start the program next June! Ready... set.. go!
  9. EmRo42

    The long and winding...pre-req road

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations! I put off going back to school for nursing for so long because the thought of adding one year just to complete pre-reqs seemed daunting! Finally realized If I start them now I will be in nursing school in JUST a year and that a year is not very long. Finishing my first quarter in a few weeks and am registered for the next two! YAY! I also am learning to have a plan A, plan B, plan B.2, plan C... But plan C is pretty good too :)
  10. EmRo42

    What is a reasonable starting salary to expect?

    You must not be in the metro Seattle area, because you can't even find a STUDIO for less than 900, let alone a two bedroom for $1000! You found a steal of a deal and I am just jealous!!!
  11. EmRo42

    Seattle Central CC NAC Program

    I am choosing an NAC program in Seattle to take this summer and am deciding between two: NATI in Shoreline, and Seattle Central Community College's program. I was set on taking the course at NATI because it is a bit cheaper than SCCC and a week or two shorter. Then SCCC added an evening NAC course so I am considering taking it there because the location is much better for me(driving from downtown to Shoreline at 5PM does not sound fun!). I haven't been able to find any reviews of the NAC program at SCCC though. Has anyone taken it or heard anything about it? How are the instructors? How are the classes? I am also trying to decide whether to take an additional pre-req for my BSN while taking the NAC class. Do NAC courses usually have homework other than reading, or is it all hands on & lectures during class? Thanks!
  12. EmRo42

    Should I try to work as CNA before I get my RN?

    Hey! I'm about to take a huge paycut to become a CNA as a way to decide if I want to pursue Nursing School. (Well, I know I want to pursue it, but I think this is a good idea to do first). Did you end up becoming a CNA and was it worth it in the long run?