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Keep PRN or start residency now?

by EmRo42 EmRo42 (New) New

I completed my BSN last Summer and went straight into an MSN (management/leadership) program which I will graduate from at the end of this Summer. During this past year I have worked part time in corrections. While I do like my job and coworkers, it is not the area I want to work in and was just a good flexible fit while I was in grad school. So now that I am getting close to being done with school I am looking at residencies.

The hospital system I plan on applying to has two upcoming residency dates. One starts 2 weeks after I graduate, and the other starts 2.5 months after. I am debating between two plans and just keep going back and forth, so thought I would get some opinions!

Plan 1. Apply to the residency that starts 2.5 months after graduation. Keep working part time at my current job. The plan had been to take some time to travel during this time, but I'm not sure how much that will be possible with covid restrictions in place now... So my thought is if I can't travel should I just start working? But I am also worried I will get burnt out staying at a job that I really am not tied to/interested in (also may be feeling burnt out TODAY after a hard week at work).

Plan 2. Apply to the residency that starts 2 weeks after graduation. School is weird and online right now so it kind of feels like I am getting off easy these last two semesters and I won't actually need much time to relax when I am done. Also, if I can't travel much, why not just start working?