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  1. Assessing newborn on mom

    I am relatively new to a special care nursery (6 mos). At times, we need to be the baby nurse in deliveries. Under NRP(and our hospital policy), babies that have good term, tone, and are breathing or crying stay with mother on abdomen for drying, s...
  2. Resource for New Grad on Post Surgical Unit?

    Thanks for your response! Our post surgical unit pretty much combines all post-surgical patients, except for cardiac.
  3. I am starting as a new grad RN nurse on the post-surgical unit. Can anyone recommend any good resources/books to review in preparation? I have my Med-Surge textbook, but it doesn't really address post-surgical care except in a very rudimentary way....
  4. WSU BSN Fall 2018

    Got an email today that I've been accepted into the Fall 2018 class :0 ! Seems like the boards are much quieter this year than in the past. Anyone else out there going to WSU-TC? Any nontraditional (in my case, older) students?
  5. TEAS test - how specific is it?

    I am planning to take the TEAS test in September (before taking AP2). I purchased the ATI study modules ($209 with the online practice tests) and have been going through the science portion, taking notes, etc. I've started taking practice tests on...