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Resource for New Grad on Post Surgical Unit?

by Kgpayne Kgpayne (New) New

I am starting as a new grad RN nurse on the post-surgical unit. Can anyone recommend any good resources/books to review in preparation? I have my Med-Surge textbook, but it doesn't really address post-surgical care except in a very rudimentary way. By way of example, there is nothing in it that addresses post-surgical hip precautions or mobilization. I've seen some Peri-anaesthesia books, but since the patients go through PACU before they come to us, I'm not sure that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any tips!!


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I just want to make sure I understand. Learning about post op hip replacement positioning sounds like an orthopedic unit. Whereas post surgical would be "other" types of surgery.

Will you be working on an orthopedic unit? Or does your facility combine all post op surgical patients on the same unit regardless of the type of surgery?

Anyway I love Youtube videos as an excellent resource for videos on orthopedic patient positioning. Of course the patient is usually petite and cooperative. Not 300 pounds and uncooperative 😛.

Thanks for your response! Our post surgical unit pretty much combines all post-surgical patients, except for cardiac.

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I know your post was a while ago, but I am now seeing it and I work on a unit that gets pretty much everything except cardiac - though we are primarily general, urological, and vascular. A fantastic resource I got was for studying for my CSMRN but it covers a bunch of the procedures I see and is very concise and well-organized:

Lippincott Certification Review - Medical-Surgical Nursing Sixth Edition. 

Also a good one, comes in a smaller size easy to carry:

Clinical Companion Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems Eleventh Edition - Elsevier

At work we have UpToDate and Lippincott Nursing Procedures I reference.