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  1. Cherry#nurse

    Iv meds

    It's actually 333mls/hr just needed clarification as a first year student
  2. Cherry#nurse

    Iv meds

    Hi the volume is 120mls divide that by 0.5 to run for 30minutes I was asking if I have to run it for 20minites?
  3. Cherry#nurse

    Iv meds

    Please help. How to calculate mls/hr to give Iv flucox 2g in 100mls over 20 minutes. Thanx
  4. Cherry#nurse

    Iv meds

    Hi please help new to nursing. How do I calculate mls/hr for 1g paracetamol to give in 10-20 minutes. Thanx
  5. Cherry#nurse

    Iv pumps

    Hi please help urgently. I'm a new nurse and working in an orthoapeadic ward and at a private hospital. They have these old alarms pumps which you have to calculate the rate ie mls/hr and I was nervous cause I wasn't too sure. I had to give flucox2g in 120mls over 30 minutes n I got so confused. How do u calculate the mls/hr and also will I have to calculate any Iv abs to run for an hour how do I calculate. I hope u make sense. Thanx in advance. Sorry for the silly question.