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  1. Telehealth Nursing?

    Thanks I hope so too! I’ll definitely be asking questions about it tomorrow during my interview!
  2. Telehealth Nursing?

    Hello all. I’ve been a nurse for over 2 years, have about 1.5 years of experience at the bedside and 8 months of experience in substance abuse. I’m currently at the bedside and am getting burned out. I have an interview for a telehealth position. I a...
  3. New nurse - want to get out of my contract.

    Hi everyone, I need some advice. I am a new nurse they started my job early this year. Anyway, I hate where I work and it’s constantly getting worse. I signed a 2 year contract in order to get a residency program, which I didn’t fully get. Because of...
  4. Applying to nurse residencies with an ADN

    Hi everyone! I will be graduating in the fall with my ADN. I plan to apply for nurse residency positions. I’ve noticed a lot of nurse residency positions that I am interested in say “BSN required”. Is there still a chance to get accepted into these r...
  5. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    Classes are three days a week. Morning only. You do not get to choose your schedule or your clinical days. Theory/Lecture class is one day a week 5-6 hour day, and Lab/Clinicals are two days a week 8 hour days.
  6. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    Buy the practice tests off of ATI. They really helped me a lot. I also used Mometrix Book and Kaplan ATI Teas Strategies book. Good luck!
  7. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    You mean the lowest? The lowest composite score I heard of that was accepted to west campus was an 80, I believe. Porter Campus was higher.
  8. PHSC Nursing Hopefuls FALL 2018

    Last Spring they started taking applications in mid-April and the last day to apply was around May 8th. Hope that helps. :)
  9. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    @mclastro No! Do you know someone who would be willing??
  10. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    No, it'll come by email.
  11. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    I got mine as well. I already went through it and imma bit overwhelmed! It's a lot!
  12. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    Hi, I have a question! Did anyone get accepted into Porter that really wants to go to West? I have a friend who got accepted into West, but she lives so much closer to Porter. She really wants to swap with someone! Please let me know, and I'll put yo...
  13. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    They sent all the acceptances out last week. You might be waitlisted, so it is still possible you'll get in. Watch for an email or a call.
  14. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    Hi guys! Just got home from my weekend away, and I got into Porter!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!
  15. PHSC 2018 Spring Nursing Hopefuls

    Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that acceptance/waitlist letters are coming this weekend. My friend got hers today. I won't know until Sunday, as I'm going away for the weekend. Good luck to everyone!!!!