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MountaineerFan57 has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Critical Care/CVICU.

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  1. MountaineerFan57

    Becoming a Critical Care Nurse

    A lot of ICUs will offer RN jobs and some even have really nice residency programs for new grads. I would look and see if there are any postings for those positions at the hospitals around you. If not, becoming a PCT is a good way to get a foot in the door. the CCRN requires you work at minimum 1 year full-time in an ICU before you can take the exam, and you honestly need that experience to fully grasp the concepts. So don’t worry about that yet You could enroll in ACLS, but if you wait until you get a job, your hospital will probably set you up with a course and maybe pay for it as well. Even though your med-surg patients are stable, try to always be critically thinking through their pathophysiology and signs/symptoms. Finish school strong and study hard for NCLEX! Good luck!
  2. MountaineerFan57


    Hi all, I’m shadowing a CRNA for the first time tomorrow in the hospital setting. Any tips on what to expect? I’m pretty nervous!
  3. MountaineerFan57

    Waynesburg university 2nd degree nursing

    I’m glad to hear that Sherry Parsons is still there, she was one of the best when I was there and played a crucial role in making me the nurse I am today!
  4. MountaineerFan57

    West Virginia University DNP

    I see that WVU started a DNP anesthesia program that was accredited this fall. Did anybody on this site start or interview there? Looking for some insight.
  5. MountaineerFan57


    Did you end up interviewing here?
  6. MountaineerFan57

    Just graduated from CRNA school

    I’m glad to hear your ICU experience was a level 2 center. I’m 2 years in at a 21 bed ICU that is the only ICU in the area. We do open hearts, neuro, DKA, sepsis, respiratory failure, CRRT, occasionally ECMO. I’ve been hesitant about even trying to apply because everyone says you need to be at a level one center. Did you have any fears about not being “smart” enough to retain all the material? I’m terrified of getting halfway into the first semester and realizing that I can’t keep up.
  7. MountaineerFan57

    Pulse Checks and Epi

    We follow protocol at my facility; pulse checks every 2 minutes, epi every 3. (ACLS says 3-5 min).
  8. MountaineerFan57

    New nurse coming off orientation and feeling like I can’t do it

    Don’t feel bad about your buddy helping you. In the ICU, there will be times you need help, no matter how long you’ve been a nurse. also, I think anyone would have ended up frazzled/behind with all that happening at the end of shift. I definitely sounded dumb my first few weeks rounding, but after only 1.5 years I now know what to expect and have most of the answers ready for the doc’s questions. give yourself some time. You can do this!
  9. MountaineerFan57

    Immunocompromised Loved One

    I understand your intentions with this, but I don’t think you’ll ever find a workplace that lets you not skip out on taking care of isolation patients.
  10. MountaineerFan57

    Times for drawing a Troponin Series

    We do the first 3 draws q3 hours. (0000, 0300, 0600). Then go to q6 until the provider is satisfied and discontinues them.
  11. MountaineerFan57

    CRNA Scope

    I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just become an NP if you want to diagnose in a clinic setting?
  12. MountaineerFan57

    Lowest bicarb on abg

    pH 6.6, bicarb 6. Did not live for even 24 hours after arriving to the hospital
  13. MountaineerFan57

    Who is watching the monitor?

    We have never had a monitor tech. We set appropriate alarm parameters and are very conscious of alarms. There are different sounding alarms for lethal arrhythmias and everyone is pretty aware of those and immediately checks on a room if they hear it.
  14. MountaineerFan57

    New Grad off of orientation....Struggling

    This too shall pass. Your feelings are very normal for a new nurse! Your charge nurse/coworkers are expecting you to have questions and need a little help here and there. It will get better. You will find a routine, you will become more efficient. Things that I was terrified to do a year ago, I could now basically do with my eyes closed. You will get better at giving report with time. Pay attention to how your coworkers give you report and try to follow the same pattern. Hang in there. The first year, especially the first few weeks on your own, are hard. You will get there!
  15. MountaineerFan57

    Bad idea to quit after 6m as a new grad for DNP school?

    I’m not really sure why you are asking for opinions; you seem to have made up your mind. You’ve already enrolled and have your reasons lined up for why you can’t stop the program now. Just tell your manager you’re going to have to look for part-time hours elsewhere if she can’t let you drop down.
  16. MountaineerFan57

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    Northern panhandle WV, started at 22.60 as a new grad. I think the diff is only $1/hr for nights

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