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MountaineerFan57 has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Critical Care/CVICU.

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  1. MountaineerFan57

    Excela Health CRNA 2022

    Yeah I got a call this morning
  2. I’ve found myself in a situation where there’s no more room for advancement at my current position and my hospital is the only one in the area. My next dream job is available and they’ve reached out for an interview.... but, the commute is 1 hour 20 minutes. Too far? Not sustainable 3 days a week? Other thoughts?
  3. MountaineerFan57

    Excela Health CRNA 2022

    Yep, got the call today! They’re doing in person. I’ve heard that there is a CCRN style test in the past.
  4. MountaineerFan57

    ECMO specialist

    Hello AN, I have been an ICU nurse for 2.5 years, level 2 trauma center with mixed ICU, we take mostly MICU-type patients, open-heart surgery, lots of cardiac cases, occasional neurosurgery. My heart always has been in cardiac care, I love open heart and Impella cases. We occasionally crash patients onto ECMO but we transfer them out as soon as a bed is available. Perfusionists run our machines. On a whim after a rough shift, I applied for an ECMO specialist position at the nearest level 1 hospital near me (about 1 hour one-way commute). Any specialists out there that want to share their experience? Did you miss ICU bedside nursing care? What things don’t you like about the job?
  5. MountaineerFan57

    West Virginia University DNP

    Yes! Hoping to apply there this year
  6. MountaineerFan57

    Thoughts on Charge RN

    Sorry, but as a current ICU RN, I cannot imagine if our charge had never actually worked a day in the ICU. At least in my department, the charge nurse is responsible for a lot more than just staffing/assignments. They are a resource for questions/trouble shooting and should be there when a patient is crashing or a bedside procedure needs done.
  7. MountaineerFan57


    Hi all, I’m shadowing a CRNA for the first time tomorrow in the hospital setting. Any tips on what to expect? I’m pretty nervous!
  8. MountaineerFan57

    Dilute Lasix before giving IV?

    Our pharmacist doesn’t have us dilute any dose less than 80mg.
  9. MountaineerFan57

    Waynesburg university 2nd degree nursing

    Yes all classes were in person and no HESI, we did do ATI exams throughout the program though.
  10. MountaineerFan57

    Waynesburg university 2nd degree nursing

    I would say clinicals were comparable to other programs. Most of them were in Morgantown, some were in Pittsburgh. You have an instructor on the floor with 7-8 students until your senior preceptorship. We had several students precept in ICUs and a couple in peds & L&D. Instructors were mostly great. When I was there, the ones teaching OB had never actually worked OB, though. She still gave it a good effort to make friends with the floor nurses to get us experiences, though. The first summer we pretty much had an exam every week. After that, it gets better to every other week. Pretty much all of my classmates had jobs lined up before we graduated. It’s a good market in our area right now, though.
  11. MountaineerFan57

    West Virginia University DNP

    I see that WVU started a DNP anesthesia program that was accredited this fall. Did anybody on this site start or interview there? Looking for some insight.
  12. MountaineerFan57

    Change from software to NP

    To become an NP, you first would have to get a bachelors of science in nursing (BSN). If you have to work, your best bet will probably be to apply to an assosciates degree program (ADN). In my area it is common for community colleges to offer part time and night/weekend programs. After your ADN is complete, you could take NCLEX and start working as a nurse While you finish your BSN. There are lots of schools that offer this online. After you finish your BSN, you would be able to apply for NP programs, which are masters or doctorate programs. Good luck on your journey!
  13. MountaineerFan57

    CCRN Exam

    So, how did you study? Looking to take it early next year
  14. MountaineerFan57

    CRNA Scope

    I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just become an NP if you want to diagnose in a clinic setting?
  15. MountaineerFan57

    Lowest bicarb on abg

    pH 6.6, bicarb 6. Did not live for even 24 hours after arriving to the hospital
  16. MountaineerFan57

    Who is watching the monitor?

    We have never had a monitor tech. We set appropriate alarm parameters and are very conscious of alarms. There are different sounding alarms for lethal arrhythmias and everyone is pretty aware of those and immediately checks on a room if they hear it.