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  1. NurseJane101214

    LPN to BSN

    Has anyone successfully completed their BSN in an LPN to BSN program? What school did you go to and was it online or on site? I am a current LPN student interested in furthering my education, but I'm not sure which path is better.
  2. NurseJane101214

    Best Stethoscope

    Hello! I will be starting my nursing program this October and one of the requirements is a stethoscope. Obviously I don't want one of poor quality. What brand or specific model would you recommend?
  3. NurseJane101214

    Eastern center for arts and tech. LPN 2017

  4. NurseJane101214

    Eastern center for arts and tech. LPN 2017

    I just received my acceptance letter today. Hopefully you got some good news as well!
  5. NurseJane101214

    Eastern center for arts and tech. LPN 2017

    My interview was last Friday. Hopefully a few more days with monetary deadlines like that. Were you sent home with the math packet?
  6. NurseJane101214

    Eastern center for arts and tech. LPN 2017

    No I haven't. Did you?
  7. Since I am about the be in the exact same position as you, I stared a family binder of sorts. Inside is my calendar with important dates like doctor's appointments, etc. I have a cleaning schedule organized by importance such as school uniforms. My kids school calendars are laminated and when an important date comes up it goes on my fridge calendar. For household items that seem to be needed when its too late (think toilet paper or toothpaste) I plan on using Amazon Prime with subscriptions so I don't need to worry about it. Freezer meals that can be popped into the oven or crock pot are a must- I have a deep freezer for this reason. Daily or weekly activities for the kids such as sports or clubs are posted in calendar form on the fridge and I create events in my husbands Google calendar. Otherwise, I overlook the floor that needs to be vacuumed and see that at least one preferably two loads are laundry are washed daily. Good luck!
  8. NurseJane101214

    Eastern center for arts and tech. LPN 2017

    Congratulations! I'll be in the part time program starting in October. Have you had your interview yet? If so, I'd love to know what type of questions they ask.
  9. NurseJane101214

    Interview Q&A

    I have been searching for the best way to answer the dreaded question... "Why do you want to be a nurse?" I've searched discussion boards, scrolled through threads, and read opinion articles. My reasons need to be jazzed up a bit and I made a list of the personal and practical reasons why, and I would appreciate your feedback. Since I may be called for an interview in the next month or so, I would also appreciate any advice you'd care to share with me. Would it be appropriate to start with "At first it seemed doable"? That is how it started, after all. It seemed doable, talking to nurses has convinced me of that. I would then continue by saying that studying for the TEAS test made me realize that Anatomy and Physiology is actually very interesting. These are truths, I have no intention of saying something cliché like "I love helping people". However, I would mention that being a wife and mother has taught me that I do indeed enjoy caring for people, although this alone is not a primary reason to pursue nursing. As someone with a retail background who was easily bored, I am drawn to the opportunities for growth and development that nursing provides. The ability to change a specialty and continue education make it appealing to someone like me who might need a change. On a personal note, I like that nursing is a skill set that can be used outside of the job. I can better care for my family. Would it even be worth mentioning that I am returning to school to show my daughters that there's more to life than being a wife and mother? I honestly do want to prove to my daughters that you can improve yourself at any time, but I don't know if this is appropriate in an interview. Thoughts, opinions, and advice welcome.
  10. NurseJane101214

    LPN School

    Hey all! I have been out of school for a good decade or so and I'd like to get a head start on studying. What, specifically, should I study and brush up on before LPN school starts? What books do you recommend? What study essentials helped you the most? I'm looking for any and all tips and advice from current and former students!
  11. NurseJane101214

    Eastern Center for Arts & Technology

    Has anyone graduated from (or currently enrolled in) the LPN program at Eastern in Willow Grove? I'd like to hear your thoughts, opinions, and advice. I'm considering the part-time program, currently a SAHM looking for a career.
  12. NurseJane101214

    Family Life & School

    Can anyone offer advice or tips on keeping a household running while going back to school? I have two school aged children and a toddler to care for while juggling my own education. Even examples of what not to do from personal experience would be helpful!

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