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mursegoals has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Surgical Oncology/Mental Health/Addictions.

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  1. WGU PMHNP Program: Feedback/Questions

    Hello all! I am considering WGU's (Western Governors' University) PMHNP program and couldn't find a lot of student feedback here or any other sites. Any current students or recent graduates that can provide feedback on the program? Diffic...
  2. Methodist Health System Nurse Residency 2021

    Awesome! Congrats! I'll be in the ED as well. I'm super excited!
  3. Methodist Health System Nurse Residency 2021

    I accepted a job at Methodist Dallas Emergency (fellowship)! If any other emergency resident/fellow applicants at Dallas, you should hear something soon! Good luck everyone.
  4. Methodist Health System Nurse Residency 2021

    Yes, I interviewed on the 5th and I believe the ED director said they would know something by "the beginning of next week." But that would have been around the 10th. Hope to hear back this week.
  5. Methodist Health System Nurse Residency 2021

    I interviewed on May 6th for ED Nurse Fellow, which will be in cohort with residents. Have not heard back yet either. Good luck everyone! Will post if I hear anything as well. -Drew
  6. Methodist Health System Nurse Residency 2021

    Nope. I just received the Generic "Thanks for applying" emails after the applications. I have 2 apps in for OR Resident and GI Lab Resident. Haen't heard a thing yet. My application status just says "APPLIED." Good luck everyone. I'm a fairly new nur...
  7. HCA StaRN contract

    It took them about 2 months to contact me via mail.
  8. HCA StaRN contract

    I'm currently paying them back. We are looking to buy a house and I couldn't take the chance of it hitting my credit. The key is, if you signed a legal contract or not. I signed a promissory note for 7,500 for a 2 year, nurse internship/work agreemen...
  9. HCA StaRN contract

    I was not in StaRN. HCA is not doing StaRN any longer in DFW from what I heard. I was actually an internal hire. I was a nurse Extern for a year then signed a 2 year work agreement internship program. I left after 5 1/2 months. They billed me 5900 do...
  10. Quitting the StaRN program?

    I posted that comment 17 hours ago so I’m still wondering. No updates.
  11. HCA StaRN contract

    I received my letter from Benefit Recovery Group last week. About 2 months after I quit. Trying to find out if they will report to credit agency.
  12. Quitting the StaRN program?

    Did you ever pay? I’m in the same situation. Considering not paying the 5,000 I owe for leaving 2 year contract. I’m wondering if they will report to credit agencies...
  13. HCA StaRN contract

    Does anyone know if Benefit Recovery Group will report to your credit reports?
  14. HCA StaRN contract

    I work in the Dallas area for HCA. I was an Extern for a year, then signed a 2 year contract for their nurse residency. I recently quit after 5 months. I found a better, higher paying job in the field I want to be in. I was honest with my boss, put i...
  15. Spring 2018 TCC Nursing Students

    Im in!!!! Woo hoo!