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  1. Hi! I started my first semester last fall. I'd intended on going for BRCCS ultrasound program, but it's a 9-5, even through summer and I have two little ones so I'm not sure how I would make that work later down the road, when the time would come. I am also very interested in nursing. Can someone here tell me what the hours are for the program? I got one email from a teacher and she said it varies. I'm just curious if it is also a 9-5, that runs through summer. Applying for either would be at least a year down the road but I'm trying to make a decision so I don't take unnecessary pre-requisites. Also, I will be taking my pre-requestes at RPCC. Did anyone have trouble getting in to either program with not having taken their pre-reqs at BRCC? Thanks so much, sarah.
  2. Salbright90

    Lpns, can I please pick your brains?!

    Hi! I am currently flip flopping between a few different options for future career. I'm 26, late start due to staying home with my kids. In my second semester of general classes that will pretty much go toward whatever route I take. My school has a LPN program and I am highly considering it. Because the the time it takes,nursing has always been at the top of my list and I'd like to be working full time when my youngest starts kindergarten. Few questions, where do you all work? I've done research but would just like personal answers. Are any of you in hospitals? Are lpns hired in nicu at all? Is the role more similar to an RN or a medical assitant? That part of my research has been confusing. Also, what is your pay like? If you're not comfortable saying outright what you make, I totally understand! Just hoping for a range! Thanks so much for your help!