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  1. chrisRN180

    Need advice on picking best RN to BSN online program

    After learning more about accreditations i really see the importance of not just the nursing related ones but also the regional. so i've narrowed it down to probably Chamberlain or Grand Canyon University. Anyone have experience they would like to share with either online program? anyone have experience with graduating from these programs and continuing into a graduate degree program at another school with or without issues? or having to repeat classes? just trying to be thorough with my research on both programs! thanks so much to everyone with the help so far!
  2. chrisRN180

    Need advice on picking best RN to BSN online program

    Thanks! I was looking for maybe some specific credentials or accreditation's that will ensure that my online degree is acceptable by any reputable graduate degree program. You said CCNE And ACEN, will these accreditation's alone ensure the degree is acceptable by any other school? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm a brand new RN and i really don't know much about which accreditation's are most important for a nursing program. Thanks again!
  3. Hey everyone, I was looking for some advice for picking a good online RN-BSN program, my biggest concern is that it has the appropriate accreditation's so that if I wanted to continue into an NP or DNP program local to me later that all my credits would be accepted. I've found so many schools that advertise cheap and super fast, but I'm always scared that if it's to good to be true then it is. Some schools advertise 6 months and some are the full 2 years? I don't care as much about the time as I do about it being recognized a legitimate by any graduate degree program I might apply for later. Just looking for some guidance or maybe someone who has done their rn to bsn online and then attended a graduate program at another school who may know what is most important to look for when deciding what online programs to apply for. Thank you!
  4. chrisRN180

    getting hired in a hospital with an associates degree?

    i lived in nyc my whole life, so just looking for a place thats similar, like i can walk everywhere i need to go like stores, food, shopping, bars/restaurants. being able to take public transportation to work or anywhere i cant walk. im just never lived the kind of lifestyle where your neighbors are a mile away and you need to drive to get everywhere you need to go. theres nothing wrong with any of that, i just grew up in a city! i guess places like LA? or Chicago would be good examples
  5. Just curious to know what hospital job opportunities are available for nurses with only associates degrees. im from NYC and its not possible the get hired in a hospital with an associates degree and no experience. just wondering what major cities would it be possible to get hired in a hospital while doing an RN to bsn program, looking to relocate to another major city in the country so just curious to know what the best options would be if any? thanks
  6. chrisRN180

    Anyone else pre nursing & dealing with depression?

    I literally have those same diagnoses' ocd, depression, and anxiety. i totally know where your coming from, i do the exact same thing where if i dont study every day i begin to freak out, i study every day as if the test is the next day even if its not for weeks, and if i dont i begin to feel guilty. im sure you know how the ocd works, its not always just things like checking the door is locked over and over, or repeating things multiple times in a row like most people just assume. the ocd is occurring in your thoughts, obsessive intrusive thoughts like "if i dont study every day i will fail and get kicked out of nursing school" or "im out with my friends, which means im not studying, i cant hang out with my friends or i will fail". everyone has these thoughts , but people like me and you just have trouble switching them off, much like the person who checks the door lock over and over cant switch that off. this is what leads to the anxiety, and those long periods of anxiety can easily make a person depressed. i could be way off but what your describing sounds alot like this, and im not trying to pretend im a doctor here but this is literally identical to my life so i have alot of experience with it. and with all that being said heres what i do to manage it, not just for nursing school but for life in general: - speaking with a therapist in the times im having flare ups of my condition (its more intense at times of course, and some weeks seem almost like its non existent at all) but yeah a good therapist helps alot, having someone to talk to helps so much, there also trained to teach you techniques to deal with what your going through and believe me they help. and i know you said your insurance is an issue but my therapist i speak with is over skype(sounds weird but its actually very convenient for a busy student) and its only 40$ a session which is dirt cheap for an hour of a professionals time. - take at least one day a week to indulge 100% into a hobby that pry's your mind completely away from nursing. for me im into cars, yesterady i spent 10 hours straight in my garage and that 1 day a week totally refreshes me and lets me feel less anxious about my work load for the upcoming week. - caffeine... i dont wanna assume your like me but i drink alot of coffee and when i have a flare up of these obsessive kind of thoughts the caffeine accelerates it. as a nursing student the need for coffee is real but remember it will accelerate these thoughts as well. when i have a hard week where these conditions are flaring up i avoid anything but water. - my meds help me tremendously, this is obviously something you need to consult 10000% with a psychiatrist. i take lexapro and when i started it helped curve these obsessions alot. - remember your long term goal. what seems to help more than anything now a days is thinking about how rewarding it will be to help kids just like me. ive spent days in the ER for anxiety and depression before i got professional help, nothing fuels me more than to think about the good i can do for someone who was in my situation. this is the reason that i (someone who worked as a carpenter for 8 years) decided to go to nursing school. it eases my anxiety when i think about why im doing all this in the first place. let these conditions make you stronger not weaker! i hope this helps you in some way!
  7. chrisRN180

    How much do you REALLY study

    Thanks guys, this is the info I was looking for. Basically I was just feeling kind of nervous because this is my first semester actually in the nursing program but I feel like im not studying any more than I did in my pre reqs and gen ed classes, but im doing just as good if not better on all my tests. maybe since im generally enjoying the nursing classes more than most pre req classes so its easier to retain the info? but nonetheless its comforting to see that some of you had the same amount of study hours as me and were extremely successful! Thanks everyone!
  8. chrisRN180

    How much do you REALLY study

    I have been in nursing school for just over a month now (yes i know i'm new to this). But i'm sure just like the rest of you I've read and been told over and over again how you need to read and study so much, people saying things like 4-6 hours a day and more every day. With that being said I've been studying significantly less than 4-6 hours a day. and a lot less than what some of my classmates tell me there doing, but i'm scoring well on all my tests. so what i'm asking is are you all REALLY studying that long or is it just the same study technique being passed down by word of mouth, but not really practiced? like I said I rarely study for more than 2 hours a day, sometimes even less than that. But i do feel i use my time wisely, always making sure i complete all readings and i do a couple hundred practice questions every week for every class. so does this sound all wrong? does anyone feel the same way i do? looking forward to any advice that can be given!