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madisona1 has 8 years experience.

Passed LPN after 3 attempt/failed RN x 2. Need to PASS

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  1. I heard that the RN NCLEX for dummies was good. I have attempted to take it 3 times now and I have figured out that it is not the content but I need to learn how to answer the questions correctly, Good luck to everyone! Does anyone have a copy of th...
  2. Failed my NCLEX 3 times now

    Thank you for the encouraging words! I have since moved to Washington, quit my position with United Health group and found another position as an LPN in Washington. I have not attempted to take the exam again,,,, I am such a procrastinator! I mean I ...
  3. Failed my NCLEX 3 times now

    I have used it and didn't find it very useful.
  4. I know how you feel... It took me 3 times to pass my LPN and I have taken it 3 times for my RN. How I ended up passing my LPN is I read "successful test taking- learning strategies for nurses" This is a lippincott book and I have the old one,,,I had ...
  5. 45 days and I will take my NCLEX RN for the 4th time... HELP!!

    How much is Kaplan on Demand? I live in Arizona, sorry, but would I would like to have a study partner!
  6. 45 days and I will take my NCLEX RN for the 4th time... HELP!!

    I just got the Kaplan book and the strategy book as well, Hope this works for me:lol2:
  7. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    To ALL of you who are second guessing the PVT,, It works, I have taken my RN exam 3 x now and everytime straight to the cc: page. It works cause Pearsonvue will not let you pay for the test again if you are already an RN!! Hope I have the good pop up...
  8. I need emotional support ...

    Study and take the exam,, I have taken my RN NCLEX now for the 3rd time and failed. I am currently an LPN and the exam is much simplier. So study, relax, eat a good breakfast and go PASS that exam!!
  9. 45 days and I will take my NCLEX RN for the 4th time... HELP!!

    Thank you for your encouragement and recommendations. I have listened to Hurst online and reviewed her material. I feel that I have lost my ability to take this exam,,,I feel like I know most of the material but I believe that I am not applying it co...
  10. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    I will be on my 4th attempt.. UGGHH,, frustrating for us all,, I know Good luck to us all:yeah:
  11. i am so upset, i just took my nclex rn for the 3rd time on july 22nd and failed. first of all, i graduated in 2008 and did not take my exam for the 1st time till 2010 and then again in 2010 with the same result. i had 156 questions the 1st, 136 the 2...
  12. NCLEX leaving me feeling like an idiot

    I just finished my NCLEX RN for the 3rd time on July 22nd and I did the pearsonvue trick,,, And I did not Pass! I'm so upset, but I figured out what my problem is,, I get such test anxiety, then I forget to use the ABC's, Maslow's and the nursing pro...
  13. Failed my NCLEX 3 times now

    I know this exam is so hard, there has got to be an easier way to PASS! I just took my exam for the 3rd time yesterday and I did the Pearsonvue trick and straight to the cc: page like the last 2 x. I was in tears and embarrassed. I studied so hard an...
  14. Why do people fail the NCLEX?

    I am sorry, but it is more than basic nursing..I know, I have taken it twice. The exam is mostly critical thinking (what would you do), electrolytes, priority, SATA and meds.....
  15. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I will be taking my exam the 1st week of April for the 3rd time. I know it is difficult to not feel like CRAP! But we can all do it. I did reviews with the last 2 exams. My friend (that has passed) told me to sit at the computer like I am taking my e...