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  1. ladiesman217

    Unofficial results: Fail

    So I bought the unofficial results and got a fail. However, when I looked online, I have a RN license number issued to me (in the state of Washington). Can anyone clarify what this means??
  2. ladiesman217

    Just took NCLEX, bad PVT

    Hey everyone, So I took my NCLEX this afternoon, went approx. 150 questions. Didn't get as many SATA that I anticipated, and had a few calculation questions. After I took some time to relax I decided to try the PVT. Each time I did it, it said that my credit card was declined each time, I'm gonna assume this is the "bad" pop up?? However I've also read on here that some people can get the bad pop up and still pass. I'm hoping this is the case for me?? I felt pretty confident walking in and out of the test, but now that I think of it some of the questions I had were definitely on the easier side. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!