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  1. abowloforanges

    CSUS Sacramento State Spring 2019

    Accepted my seat as well! Is anyone interested in sharing housing? I've been looking online but it would be great to live with fellow nursing students. :)
  2. abowloforanges

    CSU Chico Spring 2019

    No problem! I was stressing about that too so it was a relief to hear back. I hope they're all doing okay with the fires! Scary stuff.
  3. abowloforanges

    CSU Chico Spring 2019

    I was in the same situation, so I emailed them earlier this month and this is what they said: "As a postbac you are simply in a holding pattern. Admissions won't do anything further with your application to the university until you learn if you have obtained a seat in the nursing program. So nothing more for you to do right now but to cross your fingers!" I also applied to Sacramento State, and they told us that second bachelors students and transfer students outside of Sac State's local service area will have their Intent to Enroll processed only if they are selected for the BSN program. I don't know if this is the case for out of area applicants to Chico State as well, but maybe that could be why?
  4. abowloforanges

    Do you think that taking micro and a&p two together is doable?

    I took both at the same time and it was doable! One thing to consider is how much time you'll have outside of class to study, especially if you have a job or other responsibilities. Since both classes have labs and lectures, you'll spend a lot of time in class and preparing for labs/working on lab reports. A&P II focuses more heavily on physiology and understanding processes than on memorizing structures like A&P I (although you still have to do a lot of that haha), which could be good or bad depending on what your brain likes. But since you're doing so well in A&P I I'm sure you'll be fine. :) I'd say try it out, get ready to buckle down, and don't be afraid to drop one of them by the drop deadline if you don't think it's going well. You can always take one later, but depending on your school's repeat policy, you might not be able to escape a low grade if it's on your transcript. Good luck!!
  5. abowloforanges

    RCC Spring 2019

    Hi everyone! Has anybody heard any more about the concurrent BSN program? I know it's planned to start Fall 2019, but I'm wondering if the Spring 2019 cohort would get to participate as well.
  6. abowloforanges

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN Spring 2019

    Hello! :) I submitted my intent to enroll last week, and just requested to join the FB group. Congrats everyone and good luck to those waiting to hear back!
  7. abowloforanges

    Fall 2018 Nursing Sierra College

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if any of you know if Sierra accepts AP credits/exam scores for prerequisites (namely AP Psychology for Introduction to Psychology), and if so, how that works with GPA calculation. Thanks in advance!
  8. abowloforanges

    Maths Help Please

    Relax, you can do this! :) I just took my test a few days ago. Like others have said, you should be given US to metric conversions, but definitely know how to convert within metric. I also used the Mometrix book and I think the math section prepared me well. Be sure you understand the ratio, percent, percent increase, and fraction problems, which the Mometrix book emphasizes. If you work through the math section in the Mometrix book and understand the examples, you should be fine. :) I also went through the math practice test from Union Test Prep, which was very helpful. (Found at Free Practice Test for the TEAS) As far as the official ATI practice tests, it's up to you. I purchased Practice Test A and took it a couple days before my test. It helped calm my nerves about the test, and also gave me a very good idea of the format of the actual TEAS (in terms of navigating between pages, opening passages on the reading section, etc). It won't make or break you, but it might help ease your stress. :) Good luck!
  9. abowloforanges

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN summer 2018

    @joanne1029lee That was incredibly helpful, thank you! :) I'll check with CSUSM to see if anything I've already taken will count. And I registered for the TEAS on February 22nd, to be safe. Thanks again for the advice!
  10. abowloforanges

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN summer 2018

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to apply to the ABSN program at San Marcos for fall 2018, but I have a few questions I was hoping you might be able to help with. 1) Critical thinking and writing - What kind of course did you use to fulfill this requirement? I'm hoping to use something from my bachelor's, but I'm not sure what would work and assist.org isn't particularly helpful in this case as there's no articulation agreement available. I think I've seen that some people were able to use a freshman English composition class or something similar, so hopefully I can find something that will work! 2) TEAS - For submitting scores, did you just have to upload the score report you can access online through the ATI website? Or did you also have them sent to CSUSM? I need to register for the TEAS soon, so I'm trying to figure out when to take it, but I don't want to cut it too close to the application deadline in case it takes a while for them to receive scores. For reference, the priority deadline is 3/16, and the latest date for the TEAS test I'm considering is 3/2. Do you think this would be enough time, or should I try to take it earlier? Thanks in advance, and good luck to you all! You're almost there! :)
  11. abowloforanges

    Spring 2017 Chat

    Hello all! I graduated last fall with a B.S. in Molecular Biology, had a bit of an existential crisis/freak out about career options/realization that I want to be a nurse, and now I'm hoping to go into an accelerated or traditional BSN program down the line! Unfortunately the courses I took for my previous degree don't quite match up with prereqs, so now I'm taking them at a CC nearby. After having just spent four years in school (), the idea of having to spend another year or so on prereqs to apply for nursing school was and still is a little frustrating, but I'm growing to appreciate it. It's giving me time to be with friends and family, improve my GPA, research different programs, save up money, and hopefully get some experience in healthcare (I recently got my CNA certification, but am still looking for a job)! Anyway, our spring semester starts on February 13th, and I'm really looking forward to getting back into classes! All of the A&P and Micro classes were full by the time I could register (), but I was able to get into some others I need. Here's what I'm taking: Statistics Developmental Psychology Intro to Sociology (online, short term until the first week of April) Good luck to you all!