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  1. What should I buy?

    A drug book is definitely helpful, for looking up different medications that you are unsure about.
  2. So, what will I be doing this summer?

    I also had to take a BLS class during the summer. But other then that, I relaxed and kept my mind off of nursing.
  3. Pre-reqs class(Anatomy and Physiology)

    Try watching videos on KhanAcademy.
  4. I would not report it, if I were you..
  5. Friend asked to cheat off me from exam?

    Not everyone is your friend.
  6. Failed my first test

    You NEED to do practice questions. Memorizing and reading is one thing, but actually applying your knowledge is the key.
  7. Well it means small problem.
  8. Anxiously waiting for the acceptance bus

    Its always a nerve-raking time when you're waiting for something really important. That's a normal feeling. Did you only apply to 1 nursing school?
  9. Best private student loans for large amounts?

    You are trippin.
  10. New nursing programs?

    If the school is accredited, than you should be fine.
  11. Is 35 too old to start from Scratch?

    Shrug. Just my opinion.
  12. Interview with Nurse

    No thanks. If I want to answer a question, than I will.
  13. Interview with Nurse

    1. Why did you choose this specialty? 2. What do you do if a patient refuses care at the risk of his or her own safety? 3. What would you do if a physician questions the accuracy of your work? 4. How do you like to be recognized for your hard work? 5...
  14. Is it too late to switch clinical sites? I would give her a chance and see what she is truly like.
  15. Becoming a nurse

    Most science prerequisites expire after 5-10 years, so you might have to retake some classes. Just check with the schools you're looking into!