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    Any MD Anderson Nurses here?

    Hi, I will be relocating from Raleigh to Northwest Houston area and was wondering if any MD Anderson nurses could give me some feedback. From all the research I have done it sounds like the nurses here are very happy and generally don't leave. I'll be coming from Duke and would love to join another large organization. Was just hoping to get overall feedback of the organization from a nurses perspective and wondering about the pay here. Nurses in TX make more than nurses in NC and I'm wondering how competitive the pay is at MD Anderson vs other large hospital systems in the area. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there, My first time ever posting on this page, but I have been a long time follower. I will soon be graduating from an ADN program in the Raleigh/Durham area and have already started looking and applying to jobs. The question I have is can anyone tell me starting pay for local area hospitals? WakeMed, Duke, Rex, and UNC? It would be greatly appreciated if you could impart your HR wisdom on me. Thanks!