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  1. patience5

    Surviving CRNA School

    How much did you have saved up before starting a 3 year DNP CRNA prorgram?
  2. patience5

    Financing CRNA School calling all SRNAS

    Hello there, I am getting ready to start CRNA school but can't help shake the anxiety of the amount of debt I am about to incur. I know I have heard several SRNA's, CRNA's, and wanna be CRNA's say "you'll be able to pay it back once you are finished with school". With that being said, I also do not want to be so in debt that my take home pay after all is paid for would be the same as I am making now as a staff RN. I was thinking of deferring CRNA school for a year and do travel nursing to save money. What do you guys think about this plan? Any SRNAs now wish they would've saved more before starting a program? How much did you have saved before embarking on CRNA school? School will already be as difficult as it is, stressing about finances is the last thing I want to do. Any input would be appreciated!