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  1. Hello everyone, I write this just as a ways to encourage others and to get some feeling off of my chest. Many of my co-workers and some past classmates look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I plan to go back to school after completing my generalist MSN program. My plans are to become a adult/gero NP. I have only been a nurse for 5yrs and frankly, I wouldn't mind getting alittle bit more experience while in school. Due to family dynamics and working full time, I currently go to school part-time. Some of my class mates are in direct entry NP programs and think that my track is just a time and money waster. Alittle bit about me, started out in healthcare as a CNA at the age of 17, and completed my LPN program when I was 19-20, graduated with my ASN in 2014 and my BSN in 2016. At the currently rate I'm going I will be done with my MSN at the end of 2018. Many classmates also look down on my nursing practice due to working in LTC, but that's what I love. I have tried the hospital environment and its just not for me. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with have only worked within this setting if my goal is to be an AGNP. I currently am also working on becoming certified as a geriatric nurse for personal satisfaction. For some time I thought that what I do didnt classify as nursing and I needed to work within the hospital setting, but after some reflection I determined that hey, I make the rules to my nursing practice and if geriatrics is what I love theres noting wrong with being the best geriatric nurse the Midwest has ever seen. lol. Sorry for the ramble, but I know there may be others out there like me so I just want to encourage everyone to keep moving towards your goals because the slow road may seen depressing at times but in the end you still win the race.
  2. LTCNurseforever

    Is working as LPN in Nursing home easy?

    Working within long term care is definitely not an easy task. I do it every day. I would encourage your friend to shadow a LTC nurse on day shift. or any shift for that matter, and really see what we do. Putting out fires, while having an admission, completing a 20 patient med pass, talking to family/ MDs/whoever else needs you is just a little bit of what I do on a daily basis. She is in for a shock lol.
  3. LTCNurseforever

    NPs with LTC only

    I am an aspiring ANGP. I cant see myself taking care of any other patient population. Due to this I decided early within my career that I wanted to work in LTC SNF/Post-Acute settings. Wanted to know if there were any NPs out there that have only worked in those settings. Did your work experience hinder your ability to get into NP school? Alittle background on me. Have been a Nurse for almost 5yrs. Currently working on my MSN and hoping to get into an post- cert NP program for AGNP in 2019. Also working on becoming certified as a gerontological nurse.