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Encouragement for MSN students going for a post- MSN NP and LTC Nurses wanting to be NPs


Hello everyone,

I write this just as a ways to encourage others and to get some feeling off of my chest. Many of my co-workers and some past classmates look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I plan to go back to school after completing my generalist MSN program. My plans are to become a adult/gero NP. I have only been a nurse for 5yrs and frankly, I wouldn't mind getting alittle bit more experience while in school. Due to family dynamics and working full time, I currently go to school part-time. Some of my class mates are in direct entry NP programs and think that my track is just a time and money waster.

Alittle bit about me, started out in healthcare as a CNA at the age of 17, and completed my LPN program when I was 19-20, graduated with my ASN in 2014 and my BSN in 2016. At the currently rate I'm going I will be done with my MSN at the end of 2018. Many classmates also look down on my nursing practice due to working in LTC, but that's what I love. I have tried the hospital environment and its just not for me. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with have only worked within this setting if my goal is to be an AGNP. I currently am also working on becoming certified as a geriatric nurse for personal satisfaction.

For some time I thought that what I do didnt classify as nursing and I needed to work within the hospital setting, but after some reflection I determined that hey, I make the rules to my nursing practice and if geriatrics is what I love theres noting wrong with being the best geriatric nurse the Midwest has ever seen. lol. Sorry for the ramble, but I know there may be others out there like me so I just want to encourage everyone to keep moving towards your goals because the slow road may seen depressing at times but in the end you still win the race.