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    Hello everyone! I submitted my application to Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC at the beginning of its opening. And I just wanted to create this forum for those of us who are anxiously waiting to hear a response 😫. And also for us future colleagues to get to know one another as well! If anyone knows the time it takes to get a call or the process in its entirety please feel free to comment 😊
  2. Janaihill01

    Nursing schools that are less competitive

    I'm very nervous and thank you so much for the inspiring words ! I feel a lot more confident
  3. Janaihill01

    Nursing schools that are less competitive

    On my hesi I made up in the high 80's but at the time I was taking it for practice and I'll have to retake it again this summer , I haven't took the TEAS yet
  4. Does anyone know a school that is less competitive for a BSN degree and can give me input on grades and test scores that students have made to get into the program . I currently attend Georgia southern And I've heard there are only 50 slots which make it very hard to get in I currently have a 3.4 GPA and I have all As and Bs in my sciences . I'm just feeling discouraged at the time on whether or not I will be accepted when the time comes for me to apply . I only have a few classes left (6) and need to know what I should be doing right now .