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    Hi! thanks for replying. I'm in the first class. Role of Advanced Practice Nurse. I don't know if all instructors give the same assignments but in 5 weeks I have to write over 30 pages! Did you have to do that too? It seems like I'm teaching myself a...
  2. Any positive reviews on South U?

    Thanks Samantha Did you have a hard time finding a job? Or have you started looking yet? I started last week and the amount of paper writing so far seems ridiculous and as if I'm not learning anything clinical. Hopefully this changes in the next clas...
  3. Stop the preceptor madness!

    In response to your analogy, I couldn't agree more!!! All I was saying was that the experienced generation should support the next generation. And not be upset that the next generation is asking for help looking for preceptors. They need proper guida...
  4. Stop the preceptor madness!

    Jules, Thank you. You actually supported my comment that it doesn't matter which school you go to. What matters is how much work and dedication the student puts into it...I know one student in the local university and she said the program is so easy ...

    Hi everyone!! I live in Winter Park/Orlando and am hoping to find fellow NP students going to South! I start in two days. I thought it might be helpful to get a support group together where we can help each other with assignment questions, discussion...
  6. Stop the preceptor madness!

    I find most of the comments on this thread VERY disappointing and embarrassing to our profession. We as fellow nurses are suppose to nurture and support each other. One of the very basis of nursing is SUPPOSED to be COMPASSION. Getting my BSN was a...
  7. Any positive reviews on South U?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply with all this information! I absolutely have reservations and would much prefer to go to what I feel is a "real" school locally and in person. The only option I have where I live is UCF. I spoke to admissions today...
  8. Hello Fellow FNP Students!! I live in Winter Park/Orlando and am starting the online FNP program with South U this week!! I'm both very excited and nervous. I thought it would be great if I could find other local enrolled students so that we could ...
  9. South University FNP MSN program???

    Hi FNP17, I can totally understand your frustrations...did you end up finding a peds rotation? And may I ask how exactly you went about finding them? Did you just call every provider you could find or did you personally know people? This is by far ...
  10. South University FNP MSN program???

    Great! Sorry to keep bugging you, I'm just looking for any advice on how to find preceptors. This is my biggest worry and I'd like to start now. Did you walk into offices or just call offices?
  11. Any positive reviews on South U?

    Thanks for your reply Nursebay. Is this where you obtained your MSN?
  12. South University FNP MSN program???

    Hey EJN, Thank you for taking the time to reply to me!! It did help to settle my fears. You make some very valid points. How are you liking the classes? How early did you start looking for your preceptors? K
  13. Any positive reviews on South U?

    Hello all!! I am an RN, aspiring FNP. I have two separate B.S. Degrees from brick and mortar university's. Now that I'm a full time working mom, I'm looking into online school for my MSN. There are three NPs that round on my unit who went to South Un...
  14. South University FNP MSN program???

    Hi all! I see this thread is a few years old so I'm hoping someone has graduated from South and now employed as an NP... Im supposed to begin in two weeks and am getting cold feet as I keep reading horrible reviews about south. My most important conc...