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Any positive reviews on South U?

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Hello all!!

I am an RN, aspiring FNP. I have two separate B.S. Degrees from brick and mortar university's. Now that I'm a full time working mom, I'm looking into online school for my MSN. There are three NPs that round on my unit who went to South University. I was anxious to get started so I applied and was quickly accepted and it all happened so fast. Now I'm getting cold feet because I'm reading horrible reviews about it. I don't mind teaching myself, I've always been an A student and a nerd. My huge concern is that employers won't take the degree seriously even though it is accredited. I'm supposed to start next Thursday so any advice ASAP would be much much appreciated!!!!

It's fast paced and a lot of work for a full time nurse.

It's fast paced and a lot of work for a full time nurse.

Thanks for your reply Nursebay. Is this where you obtained your MSN?

Yes, I have no complaints I feel it's just like any other online school

I am going through a brick and mortar school, and although it is taking much longer (4.5 years for a DNP vs 2 online) I feel safer knowing that I am learning from practicing NP's and not relying on just reading from a book.

I have a coworker who went through South, and in retrospect she didn't care for the program. They don't teach you how to read an xray, suture, cast...they expect your preceptors to teach you this. I think this is inappropriate.

You don't know what you don't know...said co-worker told me about a 30-something year old new onset hypertensive patient that she managed in clinicals. She was very proud to have done an EKG, rule out an MI and so started them on lisinopril and sent them on their way. I don't even think it crossed her mind the work up that needed done to rule out secondary causes of hypertension; her preceptor should have said something. This is basic stuff.

There are some decent online schools. I have never heard that the particular school you chose is one of them. Good luck to you, whatever you decide!

Thanks for taking the time to reply with all this information! I absolutely have reservations and would much prefer to go to what I feel is a "real" school locally and in person. The only option I have where I live is UCF. I spoke to admissions today and they aren't going to offer MSN anymore after this cohort so I couldn't start the DNP program until Fall 2018 and then from there it would take 4 years. Although I'd feel safer and in better hands, I agree, I don't have the ability to invest in 4 years of full time school. My goal is to get my MSN so I can get a job and then complete my DNP while working. I'm losing my sanity with bedside nursing and cannot do it another 5 years! They keep cutting staff while increasing acuity due to overcapacity and it just isn't a safe environment. I get what you are saying but I also believe that clinicals IS the place to be learning that hands on knowledge. I also believe no matter what school you go to, you only get out what you put in. Even someone going to the same school as you will not have the same ability to think critically and will not retain the same information. I've decided to just do it and if I don't like what I'm getting, I will still apply to UCF as a back up plan.


FYI DNPs online are 4 years not 2 and we don't learn from a book I did over 800 hours of clinicals for my MSN which IS a 2 year program. The brick and mortar school I considered is also 2 years for MSN and only requires 650 hours of clinicals.

ans my local "brick and mortar school" actually does their program online and you learn in the job like you did as a nurse. Books don't teach real life experience does.

Hi Just completed my FNP program Dec 24 at South. It is very doable while working full time until your core courses and clinicals and the last term is crazy busy but it is an okay program.

Thanks Samantha

Did you have a hard time finding a job? Or have you started looking yet?

I started last week and the amount of paper writing so far seems ridiculous and as if I'm not learning anything clinical. Hopefully this changes in the next classes!


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Hello, K-Nicole. Did you start South University? How do you like it? I'm researching FNP programs and considering South U.