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  1. Medic2RN33

    Nursing wages.

    Thanks! The pay is consistent with what the SSM system told me when I talked to a recruiter. I imagine differentials are similar too
  2. Medic2RN33

    Nursing wages.

    I am in the process of getting my OK RN license, and will be moving to OKC within a month or two. Just wondering what the pay is like. I will have a year experience, and am looking at ERs. Applied at OU Medical, Integris, and Normal Regional so far. Thanks!
  3. Medic2RN33

    Eating after eve/noc shift

    Well, first off, I wouldn't be eating cereal from a bowel. So many things that could go wrong with that! That being said, I work nights myself. All I do is treat my day like someone who works days does. Wake up at 3pm, have breakfast. Bring food to work to take care of lunch and dinner. More small snacks than big meals really. And when I get home at 715am, go to bed. I have never believed in the whole breakfast in the morning, lunch in afternoon, dinner at night. Eat how you normally would working a day shift. That's just me though
  4. Medic2RN33

    Newish RN, New to Corrections: How to be successful?

    I've been doing corrections for about a year now myself. The biggest things are honesty and respect. Don't talk to them like they are lesser than you. Talk to them like people. I have learned that as a whole, I would rather be dealing with the prisoners, than the general public. They seem more appreciative as a whole. Just be honest, don't tell them you'll do something and then don't do it. They do remember. And respect.
  5. Medic2RN33

    East/Southeast Tampa area hospitals

    We are looking to move to the Tampa area in May, Ruskin/Apollo Beach/Riverview to be exact. Just curious what Manatee Memorial, Blake Medical, Brandon Regional, St Joes Riverview, or others I may have missed within 30 minutes or so are like. I am hoping to get into the ER at one of the hospitals. Thanks!
  6. Medic2RN33

    How quickly did AZBN post your license after NCLEX?

    Same for me. Tested on a Saturday, posted that Monday or Tuesday. Believe it was that Monday.