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  1. HESI Study Tips

    From what I can recall the A&P were just basic questions. Few of the question had to do with what body parts are the ball & socket. There were some muscle questions but it was all general and not too detailed. I am applying for Chamberlain Co...
  2. HESI Study Tips

    RELAX! You will do fine. I can tell you from my personal experience that I just focused on basic such as Math, Grammar, Reading, and Vocabulary. That is what my advisor told me to do. The science portion is not as important as the other subject... or...
  3. Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    I am not a nurse (applied for nursing school) but I have struggled with addictions off and on in my life time. I was hospitalized in December for "unresponsive-ness" (alcohol & prescription meds) and was there for 3 days. I know sometimes patienc...
  4. Chamberlain Irving, TX

    I have taken the Hesi A2 entrance exam and submitted my application for the committee to review. I know that they meet on Thursday which is today and very anxious to receive their verdict! =) I am hoping they will review it today and let me know inst...
  5. Is 35 too old to start from Scratch?

    I am 36 and now applying for nursing school! I believe at my age now, I am more determined to succeed as I would have been 18 years ago. I am starting scratch to earn my BSN with no college credits, however, I know that I can still maintain being a m...
  6. Ode To Nurses

    To All Nurses and Future Nurse! My name is Miae and I have encountered such an amazing nurses in the past few years and I would love to share my stories to let you know why being a nurse is crucial and important job in the world! 2013 I was induced ...
  7. HESI Study Tips

    I recently took the Hesi A2 entrance exam and the vocabulary section, I scored 88. Most of the words that were on the test were not on the Hesi 4th edition. However, I could eliminate 2 out 4 answers due to the study guide on the 4th edition. Most of...
  8. Paying for CRNA school

    This is the route I want to go as well. I believe you have to have at least BSN and 1 year in ICU before applying for CRNA school. But, I could be wrong also.
  9. Chamberlain college of nursing students

    I just took the Hesi exam as well this past Monday and scored overall 80% on the test. I am applying for the Irving, TX location. My administration personnel l said that the score should be good enough for me, if not, I can retest and resubmit my app...
  10. HESI A2 Experience

    Thank you so much for the information that you have provided.
  11. Chamberlain college Irving Campus(BSN)

    Did you already start? I checked out the school and probably will start in May if I get accepted.