Ode To Nurses

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To All Nurses and Future Nurse!

My name is Miae and I have encountered such an amazing nurses in the past few years and I would love to share my stories to let you know why being a nurse is crucial and important job in the world!

2013 I was induced to have my 3rd child at the same hospital and with the same amazing doctor in Arlington, Tx. Since this wasn't my first rodeo, I told my husband to leave and get something to eat while we are patiently waiting for our little princess to arrive. Shortly after he left, Nurse Lisa came into check me and suggested I change positions several time. At the time, I didn't really think anything of it and just did as I was told.

Then, she checked me vaginally and the look on her face was white as snow! As if she saw a ghost or something. To find out, I had an umbilical prolaps and was rushed into the OR! During the surgery Nurse Lisa still had her fingers inside of my cervix to make sure that little Valerie's head was not cutting off her life line!

After waking up from the surgery, with 22 stables vertically down my stomach, I was greeted by my little angle Valerie! If it weren't for Nurse Lisa's fast reaction, I might not had a pleasure to be her mother.

Then, December 2015 I had an accident and fell on my head. 3 days later I decided to go to the ER since my head ache progressed and got worse. I had a CT scan and was told I had subdural hematoma and was hospitalized for few weeks. Thank God that I didn't need surgery since it subsided on it's own. The pain ,however, was excruciating and I couldn't handle it! My nurse at the time made sure I was comfortable at all times by giving me pain meds. She always kept me company and entertained me during the holidays. This happened during Christmas and New year time.

You see, Nurses saves lives! I admire and appreciate everything that YOU have done to make sure that we all see another day. Thank you!

For this, I am applying to a Nursing School so I can INSPIRE and contribute to our society as that YOU are all doing without a second thought!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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Thank you, a big thank you, from all of us, truly! And good luck in nursing school, as you've read or been told before, it's hard, but totally rewarding for these reasons, you will also be working with people, and that in itself is a hassle, but once again, you have to be a people person for nursing, which I'm sure you are. Good luck!