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  1. nur5emarte

    Recipient's right's complaint filed on me

    Thanks for the input, Sour Lemon, I have wondered if she has filed other complaints in the past.
  2. I am a Registered Nurse case manager for community mental health. I was called into the med clinic last week to help out as they were short a nurse. I was performing an assessment on a patient after her appointment with Psychiatrist. This consumer is a middle aged woman with Borderline Personality Disorder with past SA history. When assessment was finished, I handed my consumer the Doctor's order for drug screen to be performed at lab across the street. This is a new policy and must be completed before hard copy script for benzo's can be given. I explained this to consumer very thoroughly and she became upset. She states, "I have never had to do this before," and her tone of voice became hard and loud with the use of many expletives. I remained professional and continued to explain the policy. Another RN who is a clinic veteran came into room and helped to explain the new policy, and was very sweet and sincere in her explanation. Consumer refused to do labs stating she "Has a volunteer driver who will leave me, I have my granddaughter with me," and, "I have people waiting for me at home." She also stated she will have this performed at her PCP's office. We continued to explain this will only take five minutes of her time and she can leave with scripts. Consumer left AMA without lab slip or her scripts. Consumer was observed in the lobby 30 minutes later filing a Recipient's Rights violation on me stating "I touched her and I was very unprofessional toward her." She called her caseworker and left a message stating I touched her and tried to spread her legs. During assessment, I did ask consumer to uncross her legs and place feet flat on floor shoulder width apart. I asked that she not speak, close eyes and think pleasant thoughts while BP is being performed. I did touch her shoe when I asked her to place feet shoulder width apart. The only other touching was placing sphygmonameter and stethoscope on arm. I am very upset about this and my boss is aware of these allegations. I am reaching out for consultation from others who may have had similar incidents. Should I retain legal representation for protection and/or libel?
  3. nur5emarte

    Patient going to send nurse to Concentration Camps??

    Never give a patient personal information about yourself. It will eventually come back to bite you, even after years. Let the personal opinions and/or insults go. This is a move to fulfill an unsatisfied ego or personality disorder and an attempt to gain control. Remember the saying, 'Water on a duck's back.' Learn from this and move on.
  4. nur5emarte

    April Fools Jokes

    I once worked in LTC where there was an unfriendly Dalmatian that was supposed to befriend the residents. In an attempt to get the dog to come to residents, dog treats were placed in containers at the nursing stations marked "Treats for Dottie." I placed a label over the container marked "Slim Jims, help yourself." The DON was making rounds and caught two nurses leaning on the counter eating the dog treats. She enacted a facility wide investigation to find the perpetrator. I still laugh about this one.
  5. nur5emarte

    I need an experts opinions please !!

    You do not have to tolerate this treatment. I would make a point to talk to someone in HR immediately. I once worked with an RN from northern Europe with an accent that took some time to understand. She spoke in a very direct manner in which was her culture. She was a great colleague and a good nurse. Some co-workers made fun of her accent and communication skills. She moved on and I miss her greatly. Could be not everyone feels this way also. Talk to HR. I feel for you.
  6. "I warned you that skyping a psych eval with sextuplet schizophrenics was a big mistake!"
  7. nur5emarte

    Workplace Sayings

    One of my favorites in the psych clinic: "Masticate Nitrogenous waste and go Asystole!" In the ED: "Clearly this patient suffers from Hypodilaudism!" Another from LTC: "No, I wont let you die today, there is way too much paperwork involved!"
  8. nur5emarte

    Workplace Sayings

    One of my favorites in the psych clinic: "Masticate Nitrogenous waste and go Asystole!" In the ED: "Clearly this patient suffers from Hypodilaudism!"
  9. nur5emarte

    kind of feeling low right now

    I once helped a school nurse do a morning assessment on an eight year old with stomach pain. We eventually learned the pain was caused from hunger. Yes, the parents were notified. I agree that you are not raising other's children, but you are making a standard in which others must observe. Some people do not deserve pets, let alone children. I am glad that you are working for our schools. You are fighting the front lines of our checks and balances in good/bad parenting. Thank you for your service!
  10. nur5emarte

    I Did a Stupid STUPID Thing.

    Please don't beat yourself up over this. Use this as a teaching experience. I have dealt with many cutters in the past. This doesn't mean the patient is necessarily suicidal. Cutting is usually a release for anxiety or a cry for attention. Most cutters are borderline personality disorder, and there is no med for this, only counseling. Most likely the best outcome would have been active listening and validation of feelings. Then schedule a session with a therapist. Don't beat yourself up, it happens.
  11. nur5emarte

    Accepting verbal orders from another nurse?

    You did the right thing. I absolutely would not take a verbal order from another nurse. I was once asked to give an IM psychotropic med that another nurse drew up in a syringe. I did not give it because I did not draw it up. You should contact your manager about this. Good call!
  12. nur5emarte


    Student must have high respect for you. You are the 'Goat too' nurse!
  13. nur5emarte

    Newbie to allnurses

  14. nur5emarte

    Lost my husband on Holiday Break

    I am so sorry to learn of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are for you and your family.
  15. nur5emarte

    Newbie to allnurses

    Hello all, I am new to allnurses, although I have been following for a couple of years. I like to read the postings and have enjoyed learning of new experiences of others. I finally decided to join in the fun! I have worked as a CNA, LPN and now an RN and 1/2 way to my BSN. I have been a psych nurse for about 8 years and a floor med nurse for 5 years.