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  1. GlitterPrincess

    Passed NCLEX in 75 questions!

    Hey gang, I wanted to share my NCLEX experience with everyone, and hope it can help you if you're preparing to write your NCLEX. I wrote my exam yesterday morning (bright and early at 0800). I got maybe 4-5 hours of sleep the night before my exam, as I was super anxious and couldn't shut my brain off for the life of me. The morning of the exam I got up at 0630, ate some peanut butter toast, drank a RedBull and a large glass of water. I left my house and got to the testing centre around 0720. The check in process was quick and painless, the staff were super friendly at the testing centre! I was seated and started my exam probably around 0745. My exam shut off at 75Q’s and I walked out with my stomach in knots and I just had this overwhelming feeling of failure. I was done my test in less than an hour. I was certain I had failed. I kept thinking “I didn’t get any of X, Y, Z type questions- why didn’t I get any of those? I must have done so bad if I didn’t get that many of those types”. I also felt like I was only 100% certain on maybe 5Q’s. The rest I felt like I was making educated guesses and critically thinking out the wazzoo! My husband picked me up and we went for breakfast, I was in that mood where you want to laugh and cry at the same time because you can’t possibly believe what just happened. While we were in the parking lot of the restaurant I got the email from Pearson-Vue indicating I had completed the exam, so I decided to try the PVT- to my surprise I got the ‘good pop up’. Although, this was a relief, I still couldn’t believe it. I tried not to get too excited until I received my official results. I spent the rest of the day cleaning and taking down Christmas decorations (I know super late but my entire January was occupied with studying ). I found out this morning at 0830 that I officially passed! Upon reflection of my exam experience I would have to say- it was not difficult overall (content wise). At the time I felt like I did so poorly, but this was because I was actually doing well. This test is designed to get harder the better you’re doing. It’s designed to test your critical thinking and deductive reasoning given your basic nursing knowledge. Were there things I had never heard about on there? Absolutely. Did I have to break words down to try and figure out what they meant? You bet! Did I have to stop and remind myself to breath from time to time? Yes! I used Uworld and the Mark K audios while studying. I always did about 100Q’s a day (sometimes in larger tests [25-50Q’s] and sometimes in smaller tests [5-10Q’s] depending on the content and how I was feeling). I finished the majority of the questions bank minus 70 pharmacology questions. My scores ranged from 20-80% on my Uworld practice tests. Regardless of my scores I always read the rationales. On my Uworld assessment I scored in the 92nd percentile. I took a few days off here and there, and had adequate breaks throughout the day. I drank way too much coffee and RedBull, and got myself into the worst sleeping schedule. I stayed sane by eating nutritious meals/snacks, drinking lots of water and praying PRN! The combination of Uworld, and Mark K were awesome! I feel like they both over prepared me content-wise, and they fine tuned my critical thinking skills and my ability to answer NCLEX style questions. I would recommend the combination of the two to everyone To be honest, if you're still in nursing school I would recommend tracking down the Mark K audios and giving them a listen (he simplifies and explains things SOOOO well). I didn't find them until halfway through my month of studying (so I was solely using Uworld), and I wish I would have known about them sooner! My two biggest NCLEX tips would be: do practice questions, and manage your anxiety. Remember to take deep breaths, remember to pause and gather your thoughts and feelings (both while you're studying and during the actual exam). Studying, and preparing, for the NCLEX is very important, but the NCLEX is not content heavy. It is more so, do you know the bare-minimum of nursing knowledge, and can you critically think/apply that knowledge. Don't psych yourself out (or keep yourself up at night) thinking about all of the things you need to memorize, and all of the things you don't know yet. Keep saying to yourself "I am going to be an RN". I hope this helps
  2. GlitterPrincess

    Only using Uworld to study?

    UPDATE: I wrote my exam yesterday, and I got my office results today. I PASSED
  3. GlitterPrincess

    5th Attempt at NCLEX, PASSED!

    So glad you didn't give up! Even when the odds were against you- that is a testament to your character, integrity and strength (which are all necessary characteristics of a great nurse)! Congratulations on your success, and best of luck as you embark on this new chapter in your life!
  4. GlitterPrincess


    @twnurse1 You bet! I found them through this link, as well as the corresponding notes, and a bunch of other great study resources! They're seriously the best... I just listened to the Diabetes, and Endocrine ones- did all the endocrine questions on Uworld in one quiz and scored 76%... Needless to say they're the bees knees! Fair warning, they are older, so some of the information is a bit dated, but majority is not!
  5. GlitterPrincess


    Hey-sorry in advance for the novel I'm about to write you! I graduated on Dec 15, and did not start studying until Jan 7th. I started off initially using ONLY Uworld, I had mixed feelings and results. I loved how the questions challenged my current knowledge base, made me critically thing, but also taught me about new content. However, my scores were ALL over the place... When I say this I mean, my scores ranged from 20%-80%. I felt so discouraged at times, and then would feel super great the next time. I found a lot of comfort in people telling me "the percentages don't matter, what matters is studying the rationales and understanding why/how you answered a question incorrect". I think this is vital in making it through Uworld and having success with same. Right now my average overall is 61% correct (if I was in nursing school this would have crushed me, but it is actually not bad for Uworld). I have almost been using Uworld for a month now, and here are a few things I did along the way that helped improve my scores and confidece: -I started off doing like 5-10 questions at a time, and worked my way up to doing more than this in a sitting. I would do a small test, take a small break, then do another test. I would do this for about 3-4 hours. This really helped me not get overwhelmed with 75Q's right off the bat. Also remember- yes you are preparing to write the physical exam (getting used to writing at least 75Q's), but you're also studying for the same exam. You have taken numerous exams in nursing school with 100+ questions on them, so you know you can do that part. Take the time to go through smaller quizzes and really study the material. Take breaks- even in the NCLEX you can take breaks PRN, so its realistic to get into this habit while studying (obviously within reason). -the Mark K audios are incredible! I feel like my Uworld scores improved tremendously after listening to them. He breaks things down, simplifies complex subjects and teaches you ways to remember what you really need to know. I am not even kidding when I say I wish I would have discovered them during nursing school! There are 12 of them, and they range from1-2hrs each. My original plan was to do only Uworld, but when I discovered the audios and gave them a try I knew I needed to incorporate them into my studying Three of my peers have recently (this last week) written and passed theirs, and they all said that NCLEX is simpler than Uworld, and that Uworld can be very specific and nitty-gritty with details and all of the science behind everything. The NCLEX is not like that, its not trying to trick you-it just wants (and expects) you to know what an entry level nurse should know (which is the very basics). I have heard from numerous sources (friends, online forums, youtube etc) know your labs, know your precautions, and basic meds for each category (cardio, psych, OB etc), but not to overkill studying meds. I have about 350Q's left on Uworld, my plan is to finish them, go over the flashcards and study notes I've made and then do my self-assessment within days of that. I am scheduled to write the NCLEX-RN on Feb 5th at 0800! Again, sorry for the lonnnnnng post! Hope it helped!
  6. GlitterPrincess

    Only using Uworld to study?

    Hey guys, I could really use some second thoughts and opinions to calm my anxiety and nerves! My NCLEX-RN is currently scheduled for mid-february. I have been using Uworld to study consistently for about a week now (I usually do at least 100Q/day, read all the rationales, make flashcards etc). I am also making charts for lab values, medication-suffixes etc. I feel like it's been an emotional rollercoaster... some days I feel like I am scoring great on the tests, the next I feel like I know nothing. On one hand it can be a confidence booster, then on the other hand it has me questioning my own knowledge and ability. Ultimately though I feel like I have learned a lot, and am more confident in answering NCLEX style questions. I have solely been using Uworld to study, and that's the only formal study material I am planning to use (other than youtube, and other miscellaneous internet resources as I go). I just have a few questions for those of you who have written your NCLEX already and whom mainly used Uworld to prepare for same. When did you feel ready to write the NCLEX (is this even possible)? The reason I am asking this is because I have read so many conflicting opinions on this, and I am considering rescheduling mine for sooner. I am set to finish my Q-bank and self assessment by the end of the month, and don't want to drive myself crazy spending more than a few days after that reviewing/studying... thoughts on if that sounds like a good plan or not? Did you feel like Uworld adequately prepared you to write (and pass) the NCLEX? I have read a lot of people talk about how they took a review course (Hurst, Kaplan etc) or read through additional texts (Saunders etc) in addition to Uworld. I have not taken a review course or cracked open my Saunders text, but I feel like I am getting an adequate review using only Uworld. I am just worrying because maybe I am missing something, or am not actually adequately preparing myself (if that makes sense). Like I feel like I am, but maybe I'm not? I would love to hear from anyone who solely used Uworld, and what their thoughts are on this! Thanks